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Posted by Bob on March 03, 19100 at 22:17:10:

In Reply to: Re: "Gold plated Roosters" posted by Gunrunner on February 28, 19100 at 09:46:40:

: : : What a crock!!!! I've been on the net and of late I seems to keep running into hardtack-on-the-brain type CW Knows it all reenactor and history buffs.What kind o' bird is this? They knows it ALL, they have read all that there has ever been written on the subject,don't need to be informed ... blah blah blah and so on and on. Whew! talk about pompous self-centered stuck on one's sense of self importance ego driven agenda motivated one's own idea of how to interpret the Civil War (read into that ---re-write the Civil War) Whelp, first of all the ole clad don't gives much coal out or straw in regards to lining a be-feathered rooster's coop as that. Second,the clad lets foul water flow over the ironplates. I am amazed how way too serious(Ifound it ,so there!) many Civil War historians and researchers can get with subject matter(Isaid it so it's ALL that matters).I understand discipline and its place and time especially in a combat situation. It is important to have a degree of concentration and self control while searching amongst the myrid of books journals and letters that number into the thousands;that are about the Civil War. But let us remember that we are after all human not machines and we should temper our selves with HUMOUR and inject a sense of having fun while doing our scholar thing. Being too serious is along the line "all work makes jack a dull boy!" We need to keep up our lines of self-depreciating humour up: To deflate these gold-plated CW history chest thumpers! Remind them of the fact that they did not fight the war. Their ancestors who were in the war are now all dead and buried!That if one wears the union blue their ancestor will not rise from the grave and take away their family inheirtence. Most important of all knowing all that they know about the CW should be passed along to others in a fun filled informative manner. Instead of a rigid grim over serious manner that alienates and makes one seem sacrosanct and over stuffed! The Ironclad is just like the gunboats of the flotilla they are for real they are solid and get to the point; nothing pretty bout them. But you can come aboard and feel like you are a part of the crew! We are gonna have fun and get something outta all the massive amounts of material out here and leave all the pretention at the porta-potty door.The stuck-up attitude is not allowed on the decks and we all need to have a open and flexiable outlook towards the CW and all of its many area of interest. Be it a sanitary commission impression to a humble infantry grunt. All approaches to the interpretation of the CW should not be allowed to dominate over the other. Lets get out there and have fun shall we???

: : Ironclad,

: : I agree......

: : Thanks

Well Said!
: : Jim the Night Owl..

: Well said Ironclad, Too many so called authorities on the war consider themselves the last word on any subject pertaining to it. As Ironclad said all participants and the following generation are dead. We can only go by the written and verbal accounts they left. If we try to individualy interparate them to our own views we will leave a jumbled mess of disinformation for the following generations. Lets discuss the known facts and have fun.

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