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Posted by Ironclad on February 14, 19100 at 19:20:13:

Well lookie here I've been steaming up and down this here camp site fer many a day and it seems somes of the writers in this camp are gettin a mite too serious and stuck on their sense o' self importance! Cool yer pipes down its only a Civil War after all ! For what its worth we is mainly in heres ta ENJOY ourselves let OFF a little steam not blow steam at each other! We all have hard enough obligations and long work weeks in the real world!Why bring yer fussin and cussin into this here camp and get all riled up over a flag or a uniform or who shouda gave this order or who shouda flanked that!It don't matter all concerned parties ARE DEAD! Been dead fer the better part o' 136 years I reckon. So what the heck does it matter if ya wear a blue or butternut uniform yer CW ancestor don't give a damn...... cause he's stone- cold- dead! Lets just have a good time laugh support and encourage each other!The best way to help each out is share titles of books that we have all read share our sources and trade contacts that we have made STOP the whizzin contests we need to unite with each other in the face of concerted efforts by the political correctness crowd wanting to eliminating all vesitages of "OUR"civil war. The war happened slavery happened the Confederacy happned The blood flowin happened SO why paint it over why boycott this and threaten to march that? We are talkin PRESERVATION here we are helping out with the Civil War and its effects its lasting impressions We are part of the process that is upholding the past its horror its glorys its failures its place in our nation's future! so with that forward march and smile when you reach fer that there lanyard pards...From the pilot house Yer rusty rivet gunboat commander flotilla floatin yankee tar sand shoal jumper......... Ironclad!

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