Swamp Cabbage Stew


green cabbage
stewed tomatos
salt pork 
cajun seasoning or cayenne pepper (not both)
onion (on-yon)

It is hard to tell exact portions as this is a taste to see if it's right


Cut up salt pork into chunks, fry in cast iron pot. (large) Slice, not
chop, onions and cabbage. Fry these in pot with salt pork. Add stewed
tomatoes to make a stew. (remember this will cook down so add water if
necessary so it doesn't burn.) Add spices to taste.  *** Add slowly and a
little bit at a time, the taste will blend the longer it cooks. Cook at a
very low heat for 4-5 hours. Taste at least once every hour so you can
tell if you need more seasoning.   

Way back when, the cabbage palm was felled and the heart taken to make this dish. Obviously this is a "southern" dish as there are not many swamps in Mass. or RI.....
Served with hush puppys or fried corn bread, this is hm hm good.