Robert E. Lee

The Confederacy was a glorious land and she loved her glorious general. The knight in gray raised his sword in every terrible fray. Upon the general's sword the southern sun gleamed. His sword tipped north toward the rushing foe. The gray son of the South was named Robert E Lee. He led his army to make the South free.

Behind those Virginian eyes was the steely resolve of victory or death. He led his army of boys in their tattered gray coats until there was nothing left. Texas and Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia followed their general. They followed Marse Lee with a rebel's heart to free their South. Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky charged with him too. A rebel yell burst from every veteran's thirsty mouth.

Look away, look away, look away Dixie Land. But you are not forgotten. Your general's spirit leads you still. A patriot's spirit never dies. The old general of the South lives in eternity to keep freedom And the cause of the Southern land well. The gray son of the South rose when his country called him. The southern stars, the veterans, who followed him will always surround this gray knight. There is the South with the memory of her fight to be free. And guarding her temple's door stands the spirit of General Robert E Lee.
-Zacharias Tims