Steve Lieberum and Colleen Mohr, aka "slnj and CWgal", are truly a son and a daughter of the South.  Steve was born in Atlanta, GA and was raised in Chattanooga since 3rd Grade.  He  left in 1970 for the Army (Mother and brother still live in Chatt) and is currently living in New Jersey.  Colleen has lived in Chattanooga all of her life.  

Steve is a member of two round tables  (Delaware Valley Civil War Round Table, "Old Baldy" Civil War Round Table)  as well as the Gettysburg Discussion Group and CivilWarWest group. He teaches Civil War non-credit courses at the Holy Family College in Philadelphia,  and has currently created the  Chickamauga/Chattanooga Campaign class -- trying to show that there were other battles besides Gettysburg!

Colleen's Civil War study background is less formal, but intensely personal.  She became interested in the CW during high school when she learned that her G-grandfather fought for the south. She has since found his pension records and knows that he was with the 43rd TN Infantry, but was captured and stayed in a Federal prison for 10 months, being exchanged later after taking the oath of allegiance.  More recently Colleen began studying in preparation for the big Chickamauga reenactment a couple of years ago and "just got hooked".  She  spent
weeks going to the battlefields and learning all that she could by experiencing those fields.  "I thought it was just a shame to live in the middle of such a great piece of history and not know about it."

Colleen found the chatroom at  about a year
ago and introduced Steve to it.  Both of them have been sharing their love of the area, as well as enthusiasm and knowledge of the battles in the Chattanooga and Chickamauga vicinity since that time.  We're delighted that they've agreed to show us the sights of their hometown and share its history!  Thanks Steve and Colleen!

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