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Muster Memories 1999!

Friday, June 11th - Corinth, Mississippi

8thMO, YRose, ks, MAP, Red, GenP, 3rdLady, 3rdLa, AoT & guide! ks & Red breakfast on mint juleps! Breakfast at Robbin's Nest...yes, we ate GRITS. :) AoT, guide, GenP, 8thMO

Behind the Curlee Mansion

Mint Juleps anyone?

Of COURSE we ate grits!

At Battery Robinette

Friday p.m. - CWI Compound!

The crew at Civil War Interactive's Compound!


Saturday, June 12th - Shiloh, Tennessee

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AoT setting up the tour for us outside the Shiloh VC...More listening attentively while AoT sets the stage... National Cemetery Leader of the pack!
Listening to AoT set the stage at the Visitor's Center Shiloh National Cemetery AoT
Shiloh National Cemetery...graves of six color bearers from Wisconsin regiments who were killed during the battle The beautiful Tennessee... GenP, Basecat and Dameron

Graves of 6 Wisconsin color bearers killed during the battle

Tennessee River

The 3 Amigos

Saturday p.m. Scenes from the Cigar Room

It's not Gene, Gene the Dancing Machine...is it?? Look at my new poster! 3rdLa with the *cough, cough* coveted General Grant Oil of Gladness Award! Red unwrapping a goodie from MAP & GenP Crazybet showing her present in the Cigar Room...
 GenP & MAP

  8thMO              3rdLa

Red & Dameron                  Crazybet, 3rdLa & 3rdLady

Pictures on this page courtesy of Crazybet, ks, Red & 29mo.

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