To generate some muster related ENTHUSIASM we are starting out with a CONTEST!  We need some catchy Chickamauga/Chattanooga related tour title to grace the fronts (or backs) of commemorative, high quality "cheap" t-shirts and possible other merchandise which will be created for MUSTER 2001.  Please send YOUR idea for tour title to MAP and ks for consideration by using the email link located below. The WINNER of the contest will receive one of the high quality, cheap, MUSTER 2001 t-shirts absolutely free

All entries are due by March 15th and will be acknowledged with a reply from Muster Headquarters.  Voting will begin on March 16th and continue through the 23rd.  The winning entry will be determined by voting of chatroom participants.  Procedure for voting will be detailed on this webpage March 16th.


1.  Any individual entering the contest may submit only one entry.

2.  Entries are to be submitted via the email link posted on this page.
*In case of technical problems MAP &/or ks will accept entries via personal email addresses.  But that will occur only if the attempt to submit via this page fails.
Try this email account first!!!

3.  All entries are to be received by midnight CST, March 15, 2001.

Failure to follow THE RULES will result in your inspired idea being tossed aside.  Don't let that happen! 

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