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Addison Hart-Host - Part 4 of KIA Gens. takes place from Corinth in October, 1862 to Chancellorsville, May 1863.
Addison Hart-Host - Corinth was a bad fight, the featherbrained Van Dorn, mastermind of the defeat at Pae Ridge, through countless lives away in a fruitless assault against the city's forts. Terrible fight.
Addison Hart-Host - OK, Here we go!
Addison Hart-Host - The blue clad division commander lowered his binoculars as he watched the Confederate high water mark in the West as it happened. A long line of dust colored troops began marching forward to his position to fire a volley, but his boys fired first. He watched the line melt away like wax before a flame. Suddenly, directly behind the first row stood a 2nd Reb line, that was already positioned to fire. The last thing he heard was a burst of gunfire and two bullets thud into his breast. He had become a KIA General...
TreeFrog - Thomas...I think
Addison Hart-Host - In late 1862, after the bloody draw at Iuka, Mississippi, William Rosecrans Yanks were determined to win a great battle. They brought in reinforcements from EOC Ord's Corps and other sources. As this happened, Price's Confederates were also reinforced, by the featherbrained schemer Earl Van Dorn, who had lead the defeat at Pea Ridge. Van Dorn again took over Price's men and reinforced them. He then decided to attack Rosecrans at Corinth, Mississippi...
Aldie - General Pleasant A. Hackelman, forever a part of Generals KIA.
Addison Hart-Host - At Corinth, Rosecrans had strategically placed his divisions in the old Confederate fortifications, one of the lead brigades belonged to the small, quiet Brigadier Pleasant A. Hackleman.
Addison Hart-Host - Pleasant Adam Hackleman was the son of a War of 1812 hero. He was born in 1814 in franklin County, Indiana. At the age of 25 he was admitted to the state bar where he gained an excellent reputation.
Xan - Pleasant Hackman. Only guy who fits the birthday.
Xan - Oops, Addison had already posted the name. So much for all the work I spent compiling this birthday list.
Addison Hart-Host - Hackleman was judge of county probate court, clerk of the state house of representitives, and in 1848 and 1858 unsuccesfully ran for congress. He was commisioned Colonel of the 10th Indiana Infantry in May, 1861. His men were the first to pass through Baltimore after the riots. He fought at Ball's Bluff with General Abercombie.
Aldie - I've got him as colonel of the 16th Indiana Infantry, Addison!
Addison Hart-Host - Hackleman was promoted to Brigadier General in April, 1862. He was sent to Tennessee to fight with Thomas Davies's division. He commanded an Illinois and Iowa brigade. He was positioned in the fortifications on October 3rd, 1862, when Van Dorn's Confederate attacked!
Addison Hart-Host - oooops. I meant 16th Indiana.
Addison Hart-Host - All, I'll have a few Who Am Is in a moment, after Hackleman's dead, which is soon.
Addison Hart-Host - Hackleman saw his men routing after some housr of battle. He gallantly ran to them and rallied them, leading them back into the fight. He was suddenly hit by a ball. He died that night in a room in the nearby Tishomingo Hotel. He is buried in Rushville.
Addison Hart-Host - Other great officers died at Corinth in those two days, October 3rd to 4th, most notably Confederate Colonel William Rogers in front of Battery Robinett, but in Kentucky, a greater battle was to be fought...
Aldie - Perryville!
Addison Hart-Host - In late 1862, Braxton Bragg's Confederate Invasion of Kentucky had been fruitfull. Morgan's raiders had been effective, Kirby Smith had won a great fight at Richmond, Munfordville had surrendered, and now Bragg was attacking Don Carlos Buell's unawhere troops.
Addison Hart-Host - On the morning of October 8th, 1862, the first shots of Perryville were fired. The Union line was thrown back in several bloody assaults, amoung others, the Confederate troops killed Colonel Squire Keith, Captain Walter Hoppe, Colonel Curran Pope, and wrecked a division.
Addison Hart-Host - That division lost it's three highest ranking officers: HERE'S THE QUESTION: Whos' division was it?
raf - Ummmmm
Addison Hart-Host - Raf, General Ummmmm is incorrect.
KyReb - James Streshly Jackson's.
Addison Hart-Host - Heck, someone should answer the question! Should I?
Aldie - Raf, you remind me of a lieutenant in Sykes Regulars who upon marching down to the Wheatfield at Gettysburg with his command got too excited about the upcoming. He began hooting and hollering...his captain continually asking him to be quiet and get back to his place in the column. The lieutenant couldn't contain himself and continued again hooting and hollering for the regulars to give the rebs hell, when he turned around, tripped over his sword and fell head long into Plum Run. The cold bath had cooled off his excitement for the battle much to the pleasure of his captain.
raf - Please answer it!! Pleaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee!!!
KyReb - Make that T.L. Critten's 5th Div.
shari - What 's the answer, AH?
Addison Hart-Host - Thank God, KyReb! James S. Jackson's it was! Here's your prize: a9
Henry-Moderator - Aldie, Thank you! I had the same thoughts.
KyReb - Thanks AH.
Addison Hart-Host - James Streshly Jackson commanded a division composed of two brigades. He was born in Fayette County, Kentucky in 1823. He was admitted to the state bar in 1845 until the Mexican War, where he served as a lieutenant.
Addison Hart-Host - He was a congressman in 1859 until December 13th, 1861, when he became Colonel of the 3rd KY US Cavalry. He took part in Shiloh in Crittenden's division. He was a Brigadier in July, 1862. He fought with William Nelson in the disaster at Richmond and then was given command of a division in Buell's army.
Addison Hart-Host - He commanded his division on October 8th, when he fought with Polk's Corps...
Addison Hart-Host - Standing on one of the Chaplin Hills, watching the 105th Ohio and standing behind a battery, he watched the advancing Rebs as they were hit by his men's fire. The Rebs then opened up a volley and he was struck by two bullets in the right breast. He was thrown to the ground where he tried to speak, but couldn't. He died within minutes.
Addison Hart-Host - OK, Here's a WHO AM I? I was given command of Jackson's division after his death. I was a Virginian by birth and my brother was a Confederate officer. I was a new Brigadier at Perryville. I commanded Jackson's division briefly, because just minutes after taking command, a cannonball blew off my entire breast. i died shortly. Who AM I?
AoT - hello ..just listening please do not allow me to intervere
Addison Hart-Host - Anybody got an answer? Ky?
Aldie - It's not the Crittenden's
Aldie - It's not the Buford's.
Addison Hart-Host - No answers! You'll are disappointing!
BaylorDan - Do any of Addison's questions ever get answered?
newyawk - What's wrong Addison?
Really Stupid Guy - Oooo Ooooo Oooooo! Lemmme answer dat questione. It was Brigadier General William Terrill.
Really Stupid Guy - Duh. I'd better go now.
Addison Hart-Host - Good grief! Wow! Really stupid Guy got it! William R. Terrill was the answer.
KyReb - Yea that's it! Rufus William Terrill.
Addison Hart-Host - Now I can continue. When Jackson was killed, command of his division fell to his second, William Rufus Terrill was born in 1834 in Covinton, Virginia. His brother, James was a Confederate General who died at Bethsaida Church in VA.
Addison Hart-Host - Terrill graduated from West Point in 1853. He fought the Seminoles and the Kansas Indians. He started out in the CW as an artillery commander. He was then sent to Buell's army where he served as chief of Artillery.
Addison Hart-Host - Terrill took part in Shiloh, the Siege of Corinth, Richmond, and took over Jackson's division during the fight at Perryville.
Addison Hart-Host - Awfully quiet, tonight.
shari - Still here....
Addison Hart-Host - What happened to Terrill then was best described by Union Major James Connolloy who was at his side...
Addison Hart-Host - Good, Shari. At least someone is.
KyReb - Yep ole yankee Terrill got hit by a shell fragment and died during the night.
Addison Hart-Host - "I was within 5 Feet of Terrill when he was killed...His entire breast torn away by the shell. He recognized me and his first words were, 'Major, do you think it's fatal?' I knew it must be, but to encourage him I answered, 'Oh I hope not.' Then he said, 'My poor wife, my poor wife.' He lived until 2:00 the next morning."
scarlet - Addison that was horrible to watch him die like that!
Addison Hart-Host - Command of the division then went to the last briagde commander in the two brigade division, he was a dependable Colonel who had served in West Virginia with McClellan, his name was George D. Webster...
Addison Hart-Host - Webster was busy receiving the brunt of the assaults by the brigades under Pat Cleburne and A.P. Stewart when he received the news. His men were very badly beaten up and he was in the process of ordering a retreat. Captain Percival Oldershaw best reports what happened next...
Addison Hart-Host - As Webster ordered the retreat, he was struck by a minie ball while on his horse. Oldershaw reports: "At 5:30, PM, Col. Webster fell mortally wounded. No man on that battlefield displayed more of the characteristics of the soldier than he did. He fully understood and most faithfully discharged that duty."
Addison Hart-Host - As Webster ordered the retreat, he was struck by a minie ball while on his horse. Oldershaw reports: "At 5:30, PM, Col. Webster fell mortally wounded. No man on that battlefield displayed more of the characteristics of the soldier than he did. He fully understood and most faithfully discharged that duty."
Addison Hart - The next large battle was at Fredericksburg, VA. Burnside led a... sorry all. Will have to reboot, again.
Addison Hart - G'Bye, all. I will be in Wisconsin for several days reenacting.