Addison Hart-Host - I'll have to start now, then.
Aldie - Part III of VI
Elly-Moderator - Addison, you make take the floor!
Addison Hart-Host - Night was falling, Tuesday, August the 5th, 1862. Brigadier General Thomas Williams looked across the ridges and viewed his men, being beaten backward by Confederate volleys. He jumped down from his horse and pulled his sword out of his scabbard, facing the enemy. A whole line was coming on now. Williams ordered his men to fire and they did so, but the Rebs fired back a withering volley. His men looked up at him, in the dark, as he fell to the ground, hit by several bullets. Thomas Williams had become a KIA General...
Xan - Nice beginning Addison! Are we supposed to guess what battle this was, or some other question?
Aldie - Waxed at Baton Rouge
Addison Hart-Host - Late in the Summer of 1862, Major General John C. Breckinridge led 2600 men on an attack on the Union defenses of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His enemy, Brigadier General Thomas Williams, however, proved not to be a runner...
Addison Hart-Host - Not yet, Xan. However I will have some more Who am I's later on. If someone would like to do one now, that's ok.
Xan - Okay....I shall go off and sit in the corner and play quietly.
Addison Hart-Host - Thomas Williams was born in Albany, NY in 1815. his father had fought in the War of 1812 before becoming a militia general in the Blackhawk War. In 1833, Thomas Williams attended West Point, graduating in 1837. He fought agaisnt the Seminoles before teaching at the US Military Academy.
Addison Hart-Host - He was Winfield Scott's Aide at the Mexican War. He was at Fort Monroe in Virginia when the Civil War broke out. He fought with Burnside at North Carolina in 1862 before helping Butler at New Orleans.
Addison Hart-Host - Under orders from Butler, he commanded an abortive expedition to isolate Vicksburg by digging a canal across the land across the river from Vicksburg. He was then assigned to command Baton Rouge. On August 5th, Major General John Breckinridge came to test his defenses...
Addison Hart-Host - On the night of the 5th, as Williams' men became used up through the heavy fighting, Williams was hit by several bullets. The one that killed him went directly through the chest.
Aldie - He was shot like seven times wasn't he Addison?
Aldie - Yep, he was killed at Baton Rouge, one of the many battles that gets little press.
Addison Hart-Host - Despite his death, Williams' men won the battle of Baton Rouge, though it was a close battle. William's remains were buried in the family plot in Elwood Cemetery, Detroit.
Addison Hart-Host - That same day, another Union general was killed, though by more horrible means....
Aldie - This native of Maryland was a graduate of the United States Military Academy in 1850. His exploits included the assisting in the reduction of Fort Sumter, once the colonel of the 6th South Carolina, he went on to command the Infamous Stonewall Brigade, however, met his fate when a Yankee Artillery Shell ripped through him. He is now at rest at the Wye House on the eastern shore of Maryland. Who is this man?
Aldie - Better yet, what Battle was he killed in?
Addison Hart-Host - Robert Latimer McCook, Brigadier General, USA, was brother of two other Union generals, Alexander McD. McCook and Daniel McCook, as well as Edward McCook's first cousin. He was born in Lisbon, Ohio in 1827. He was first a lawyer and then a Colonel, of the 9th Ohio Infantry in 1861.
Xan - Addison, if you mean who I think you mean, I show him wounded 5/5/62 but not dying till the next day. Sorry to quibble. It was nasty indeed.
Barb - Now, Dan McCook rings a bell with me. He was the commander (?) of the 52nd Ohio of which a few of my ancestors were part of.
Aldie - Robert Latimer McCook - 6 August 1862
Addison Hart-Host - That's right, Xan. But those wounds weren't what killed him....
Xan - Addison, my source (Long) says McCook "died from wounds after being attacked by a party of Confederate guerillas while he was riding ill in an ambulance from Athens, AL to Decherd, TN." The ailment is not specified.
Addison Hart-Host - Robert McCook had a short, but violent military career. He first fought with McClellan in West Virginia nd then with Rosecrans at Carnifex Ferry. In January, he distinguished himself at Mill Springs. He was wounded there directing one of Thomas' brigades. He was promoted to brigadier in March.
Aldie - Xan's source: "Generals In Blue" by Ezra J. Werner
Xan - Actually Aldie it is "Civil War Day By Day" by E.B. Long. He may be quoting Werner however for all I know. Unfortunately Gen. in Blue is buried on Javal's desk at the moment.
Addison Hart-Host - McCook was wounded in the Kentucky Campaign of late 1862. On August 5th, he boarded an ambulance and was taken to Decherd, Tennessee.
Addison Hart-Host - Captain J.M. Hambrick, commanding a Confederate partisan rangers company, attacked with his men the escort and the ambulance. McCook's driver turned the ambulance, heading for the Union line three miles away, however they were soon surrounded and the Confederates fired down at the ambulance. The driver died instantly, but McCook was shot in the abdomen, dying the next morning.
Addison Hart-Host - McCook's killer was soon tried in the Confederate army for murder. McCook's remains were buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cinncinatti. On the Cumberland Gap, a large fort was named after him and dedicated to his memory. It still stands.
Xan - Addison, this Hambrick was actually tried for murder for killing a Yankee general?? I never heard this story either. It was unsporting, but still.....what was the outcome of the trial?
Addison Hart-Host - Hambrick was executed, Xan. He was at the time of his death, a Lieutenant Colonel.
Addison Hart-Host - Here's a Who Am I, are you ready?
Addison Hart-Host - Now remember, this man was killed in late 1862.
Xan - Fascinating! (she said in a Spocklike manner.) Actions by Lt. Colonels do not get much publicity I guess. More good stuff!
Addison Hart-Host - Here goes: I was born in Maryland in 1829. I graduated from the US Military Academy in 1850. I showed heroism during a hurricane when I was on a troop ship, for this I became a Captain. I took part in the reduction of Fort Sumter and fought with Jackson in the Valley in 1862, to become on of his favorites. My men didn't think too highly of me however. I was killed by a shell landing only feet away from me. Who am I?
George - Confederate General Thomas Green (5th Texas Cavalry) lost his head to a cannon ball in the Battle of Blair's Landing, Louisiana.
Addison Hart-Host - I am a Marylander by birth. I graduated from the US Military Academy in 1850. I served at the reduction of Sumter and then with Jackson in the Valley. I was mangled by a shell, much to the delight o my men, but sadness of Jackson. Who am I?
Charles Winder - That's a tough one, Addison
Charles Winder - Was it John C. Pemberton?
AoT - a Starkly difficult question
Xan - Hmm...my list of graduates of USMA for 1850 shows one gentleman who became a CS Brig. Gen. His name.....Charles Winder! What a coincidence!
Xan - Stand and deliver, Gen. Winder! You are here in spirit form only. "Generals in Gray" was actually in a bookcase where it belongs, you see. D. Cedar Mt., Aug. 9 1862. "Horribly mangled corpse."
AoT - I was born in 1835 in the Indian territory, after graduating from Holy Cross I was commisioned into the regular army...After fighting for the Union at First ManassI resigned andjoined the staff of Confederate General McCullough and served at Pea Ridge
Addison Hart-Host - On August 9th, 1862, Stonewall Jackson's men received a withering fire from seemingly nowhere. The Confederates fired back and discovered that they were under attack by Nathaniel Banks' Yankees. The place was Cedar Mountain, VA.
Aldie - Who was Stand Watie?
Addison Hart-Host - AoT, that was too long for us to pick up...
George - General Stand Watie was a Cherokee Confederate cavalry general.
Addison Hart-Host - Cedar Mountain ended in a close Confederate Victory. Banks' men were finally used up, but Jackson had accomplished this at a very high price.
Aldie - And Albert Pike commanded Choctaws.
AoT - I was made a brigadier General in CSA in January 1863...My last battle was under Forest at Selma, Ala...who was I?
Xan - AoT , Richard Taylor?
Addison Hart-Host - Charles Sidney Winder was born in Talbot County, Maryland, in 1829. He graduated from the US Military Academy in 1850. En route to Panama on a troops hip, he showed great bravery during a storm and was promoted Captain.
AoT - no sorry Xan... I apologize I now realize this was just supposed to be about Generals that where killed in battle...
George - Confederate General Albert Pike commanded Choctaws, Creeks, and Cherokees. They fought at the Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas.
Xan - That was a guess AoT, I didn't crosscheck the date of promotion to Brig. Gen. He was just the only guy mentioned by name (besides Forrest) in re: Selma.
Addison Hart-Host - He resigned his commision on April 1st, 1861, in time to take part in the capture of Fort Sumter as a Major.
AoT - In the 1890s I served as Asst. Commisioner of Indian affairs for the United States Govt.
Addison Hart-Host - Winder was soon promoted to Colonel of the 1st SC Infantry. On March 1st, 1862, he was a Brigadier. He fought with Jackson through the Shenandoah Valley Campaign and the Seven Days, most notably at Gaines Mill.
George - What Confederate general was killed by a long distance Union cannon shot at Pine Mountain, Georgia in 1864?
AoT - wow sorry this one was tougher than I thought
Xan - George:....Polk?
Addison Hart-Host - Winder was then given command of Jackson's Division during the 2nd Manassas Campaign. He commanded it only once, at Cedar Mountain.
George - Xan, that is correct.
George - Who was the highest ranking general killed in the Battle of Atlanta?
newyawk - AoT was it Sheridan?
AoT - my first line command was following The Battle of Pea Ridge I was named commander of the 3rd Louisiana
Addison Hart-Host - Winder was in the front line during the fight. He was, at the time of his wounding, directing an artillery battery. A shell suddenly landed near him, horribly mangling him. He died in a few hours, lemented most by Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. He is buried at the Wye House at Easton, Maryland.
Aldie - Major General James McPherson
George - Aldie, that is correct.
sharimlt - Geez, AH, I didn't know he was buried at Wye...I know where that is, but have never been to it.
Addison Hart-Host - Pretty place, Shari. I've been there several times.
sharimlt - AH- WHY is he buried at WYE??
Aldie - Thanx George.
George - What Union corps commander was killed in the Battle of the Wilderness in 1864?
Aldie - Because Charles Winder married into the Wye Family.
Aldie - That's Wye!
AoT - At the Battle of Iuka I commanded the cavalry of the CS Army of the West
Camp - Sedgewick
George - Camp, that is correct.
Aldie - Brigadier General Lewis Henry Little.
Addison Hart-Host - USA General George W. Taylor, a veteran of Bailey's Crossroads in 1861, was born in Hunterdown, NJ in 1808. He graduated from Captain Partridge's Military Academy at Middletown, Connecticutt.
George - What Union general was killed at the Battle of Wilson's Creek, Missouri in 1861?
Addison Hart-Host - Taylor entered the navy as a midshipman in 1827. He resigned in 1831 to become a farmer, but as the Mexican War broke out, he severed
Camp - Lyon
George - Camp, that is correct.
Addison Hart-Host - ...served as Captain of the 10th US Infantry.
George - What Confederate general from Texas was killed at the Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas?
Addison Hart-Host - After being honorably discharged, he spent three years in California but returned to NJ to manufacture iron. When the Civil War began he was Colonel of the 3rd NJ, assigned to Kearney's NJ Brigade.
Addison Hart-Host - Ben McCullogh.
George - Addison, that is correct.
AoT - During the Atlanta Campaign I commanded a brigade in Red Jackson's CS cavalry divsion
Addison Hart-Host1 - When Kearny was advanced to Division command, Taylor was made a Brigadier. He fought in the 7 Days and was ready for action at 2nd Manassas...
Aldie - Ben McCullough was killed at Pea Ridge!
lost cause - who was the confederate Gen. stone river
Aldie - The Big Guy was Braxton Bragg
AoT - Well two of them I think were Raines and Hansom
AoT - I died in 1909 in Maine and was buried in Maryland
George - What Confederate general was killed at the Battle of Yellow Tavern in 1864?
AoT - sorry not buried in Maryland I was buried in Georgetown DC
Xan - Jeb Stuart.
Aldie - That was JEB Stuart
Addison Hart-Host1 - On August 27th, two days before the large battle, Taylor's brigade, defending the Junction was viciously attacked. He was defending the Orange & Alexandria RR bridge there. Taylor deployed his men along the wreckage of a broken train car. Isaac Trimbles' confederates suddenly charged forth.
George - ahari, Xan, and Aldie, You all are correct.
Addison Hart-Host - A shell crashed into the land near Taylor, sending him flying in the air, he miraculously survived the jolt, but his wounds were very bad. He was taken off the field shouting encouragements at his men. He died September 1st. He is buried in Hunterdown.
George - What Confederate Lt.General in Virginia was killed in the closing days of the war in 1865?
Aldie - A. P. Hill - 2 April 1865
Aldie - The fatal shot clipped off his thumb and richochet'd into his heart.
George - Aldie, that is correct.
Addison Hart-Host - From August 29th o 30th, the long and bloody battle of Second Manassas played out across the Virginian hills. Many good men died there, as they die everywhere. Several good officers died there as well, like the Confederacy's WSH Baylor. But the North's greatest loss was a short general named Henry Bohlen...
George - What army commander was killed at the Battle of Pittsburg Landing?
AoT - Sadly apparently folks have forgotten about Brig. General Frank Crawford Armstrong one of the few general officiers born in the Indian Territory ( now Oklahoma) and also a General who fought on both sides during the war...
A P Hill - Albert Sydney Johnston
Xan - A.S. Johnston
sharimlt - ASJ
A P Hill - Ahhh...Addison. The Second Battle of Manassas began on 28 August 1862.
George - A.P. Hill, Xan and shari, that is correct.
A P Hill - Hot digity darn! I'm on a roll!!
George - Who killed Confederate General Earl Van Dorn?
A P Hill - Doctor Kildare
Addison Hart-Host - Henry Bohlen was born in Bremen, Germany, in 1810. As a youth he emmigrated to America to become a rich man through liquor selling.
AoT - LOL George that is a tough one !!! depending on your point of view It was Doc Peters...Mrs. Peters or Van Dorn's Peter
A P Hill - Doctor Peters
Camp - Dr. George B. Peters
Xan - Van Dorn was killed by Dr. Peters. Or at least Peters were involved in the matter somehow.
Addison Hart-Host - Doctor George Brown Peters.
Addison Hart-Host - When the War came, Bohlen commanded the 75th Pennsylvania.
George - AoT wins and get extra points
Aldie - A shot rings out and A. P. Hill falls from his horse.
sharimlt - I'd say "all of the above" to AoT's answer!
lost cause - Johston
Addison Hart-Host1 - It served with Fremont and Blenker during the Shenandoah Campaign. He was notable at Cross Keys. He then fought with Banks at Cedar Mountain and was beaten back from the Rappahannock on August 22nd, by heavy Confederate attacks. At 2nd Manassas, he was killed near Freeman's Ford, shot in the head while crossing the stream.
George - What renegade partisan was killed in Kentucky in 1865?
AoT - Earl Van Dorn ..MY HERO!!!!
Xan - Champ Ferguson.
Aldie - William Quantrill
Aldie - Bloody Bill Anderson, my HERO!!
AoT - Renegade!!!! why Certainly you jest...Captain Quantrill
George - Earl Van Dorn would be a good topic of discussion.
George - AoT wins again.
George - Aldie too
AoT - Actually I think Mrs. Peters would be much more interesting
Addison Hart-Host - On September 1st, the Union army was in full retreat and it fought several delaying actions, most notably Chantilly, where the Union lost two of it's best...
George - AoT, yes. You lead the discussion on Mrs. Peters.
Aldie - Major General Phillip Kearny and Major General Isaac Stevens.
Xan - Woe! The women break into weeping as Addison begins to discuss the demise of the best-looking general in the CW, Isaac Stevens. I must find my kerchief and smelling salts.
George - What happened to Confederate General John Hunt Morgan?
Addison Hart-Host1 - Two divisions were thrown out to the army's defense, that of Philip Kearny, and that of Isaac Stevens.
George - I thought General Ben Butler was the most handsome Union general.
AoT - well George it is interesting to note that several Confederate Generals were rumored to be a Mrs. Peters House outside Spring Hill Tennessee on the fateful evening of November29th while Schofields forces escape to Franklin
Xan - Morgan was shot in Kentucky someplace, which is a very painful place to be shot in. He should have stayed in jail in Ohio.
George - Aot, who else?
Aldie - That's only because everyone that Butler saw with his own two eyes had two heads.
Addison Hart-Host - Oh Xan. That's the truth.
George - That is correct Xan.
AoT - Rumors were that Forest and Cheatham were being entertained at Mrs. Peters--- probably absolutely no truth to it BUT Mrs. Peters did live in the neighborhood!
George - What Confederate generals were killed at the Battle of Franklin?
George - AoT, write a book
Xan - AoT, what do you think of the story/rumor that Dr. and Mrs. Peters were trying to set Van Dorn up for an execution that would be acceptable ("honor" and all that) to Southern jurisprudence?
Franklin - Oh dear, God. All of them George!
Scarlet - AoT, Mrs Peters was very, very good in her "profession" or she had guests visiting for her hospitality, ie, food and drink, lol
Addison Hart-Host - Isaac Ingalls Stevens was born at Andover, Massachusetts, in 1818. He attended Philips-Andover Academy, West Point, and graduated first in his class, two spots ahead of Halleck. He fought through the Mexican War and was an Engineer in the West, who became a 'Pathfinder' who rose to almost as much fame as Fremont.
George - Franklin, just about.
Franklin - Well...AoT, he was trying to get away from the Confederate Entrenchments, sir. It's not like he was running away.
Addison Hart-Host - Right, AoT.
AoT - Mrs. Peters was no professional simply a very enthusiastic novice!
Franklin - John Bell Hood had no right sending those men across the fields at Franklin.
George - Xan, interesting story/rumor about Van Dorn.
Franklin - But she was very experienced when it was all over with wasn't she?
lost cause - john hunt morgan was the greatest calavary raider there ever was
Addison Hart-Host - After a long political history, Kearny was made a Colonel in the US Army right after 1st Manassas. He was a Brigadier in two months. He took part in the capture of Port Royal, SC, and was defeated at Secessionville. He returned to Virginia to fight in 9th Corps under his friend Jesse Reno. He was just in time for Chantilly.
Franklin - He was?
Franklin - How so?
George - lost cause, my vote would go to Natahn Bedford Forrest.
Franklin - I concur with George.
Franklin - However, I'm interested in hearing why lost cause think's it's Hunt Morgan.
Xan - I beg to differ with the choice of either Morgan OR Forrest. Neither of them was "cavalry" in the sense the word was used at the time, and neither had much effect on anything in a military sense.
Addison Hart-Host - Stevens rode into the battle of Chantilly on the night of September 1st. Thunder and lightning could be seen and heard all around. After a long fight, Stevens, off of his mount, carried his flag into battle as a Confederate volley struck. He cluthched the colors to his breast as he fell dead, a bullet in his brain. He was buried in Newport, Rhode Island, with his wife.
George - What Confederate generals died on the retreat from Gettysburg?
Xan - *Sounds of frenzied weeping pervade the camp at this description of Ike Stevens' tragic demise*
Addison Hart-Host - Across the battlefield, Steven's fellow Major General, Philip Kearny, was riding into a group of his own men, so he thought...
Franklin - Alright folks. Enough of the Cavalry. This discussion is about Generals Killed In Action and Addison has got the conn.
Addison Hart-Host - Phil Kearny was born in NY City, NY in 1815, he fought with his uncle Stephen during the Mexican War. He fought with cavalry in France in 1840 and then fought at Churubusco, where his left arm was shattered, and subsequently amputated.
George - Confederate Generals Pender and Petigrew died on the retreat from Gettysburg.
Jeff Davis - George, one of them was James Pettigrew.
Aldie - Kearny had a rough life.
George - That's right JD
lost cause - nathan bedford is indeed a great cavarly comander but not a raider
Jeff Davis - George, I had forgotten Pender.
George - What Confederate general's son was the highest ranking general in the U.S. Army to be killed in WW II?
Jeff Davis - George, Simon Bolivar Buckner.
Xan - Buckner
AoT - Buckner's son General of Army killed at Okinawa
George - JD and Xan, that is correct.
Aldie - Major General Edwin Sumner had launched his II Corps against the West Woods too soon. Major General French's division was not quite up yet. Within a half hour as French came up to join Sumner's advance, he was gone. French got disoriented and launched an attack against the Sunken Road in the center. Just before French's division was able to break through a shell from one of James Longstreet's cannon had gravely wounded this general. Taken from the field, he had never recovered and death overcame him on 3 November 1862. Who was this general officer?
AoT - mansfield
Calcav - Israel "Greasy Dick" Richardson
Aldie - That's right Calcav!
AoT - ooops ...Addison I think that Kearny's fatal wound deserves a full description... not because it is somehow dishonorable because it is not but because of it's uniqueness
Jeff Davis - This man was Jeff Davis' Adjutant during the Mexican war, and after being the first Mississippi officer appointed Brig. General in the Army of Northern Virginia, he was also the first killed in battle. Name the man, and where he was killed.
Addison Hart-Host - Kearny fought in Italy after that but when the CW broke out he entered the army. He was immediatly made a brigadier and fought valiantly through the Peninsula Campaign, best at Williamsburg. He fought afterwards under Reno at 2nd Manassas and then with Stevens at Chantilly....
Xan - JeffD, it was that guy whose cousin was also a CS general. Can't say their names for the life of me.
Xan - AoT, I have a description of Kearny's wounding right here (Medical History of Union Generals) and the only unique thing I can find is that if he had been sitting up straight he might well have survived.
Addison Hart-Host - Kearny rode to some of his men in a field, who's faces he could nt recognize due to the darkness. He cried out an order to them and one of them shouted: "It's a Yankee officer!" Another said: "Let's get him!" Kearny, in order to escape the Rebs, wheeled his horse as a volley rang out...
AoT1 - xan... well think about it... he lays low on his horses neck and side is riding away from the cs soldiers who fire a volley...exactly where do you think he got hit???
newyawk - Good nigth
Xan - "The ball entered his body through the gluteal muscles at a point a little back of the articulation of the left hip joint."
Addison Hart-Host - As morning came, the retreating Yankees, sad at losing Kearny in the dark, are sure he is dead. Confederates find his body and when presenting it to his old friend, AP Hill, the Confederate general said "Poor Kearny, He deserved a better death than that.:" What follow's is how he mets his death...
Xan - "The ball impinged on the bones of the pelvis, penetrated the os innominatum, and passed through the abdominal viscera to just above the umbilicus and lodged between the skin and the sternum".
Camp - Xan is using them fancy medical terms
Calcav - Come on , say it !!!!! He got shot right in the butt. They couldn't find a bullet hole because nature had already provided one.S
shari - EWWW.....now that's painful...hope it was instant.
Xan - LOL Calcav, sorry but "Medical Histories" was after all written by a doctor. Point being that poor Kearny was gutshot no matter where the bullet happened to (ouch) enter.
Addison Hart-Host - As the Confederates had opened fire, Kearny had been lying low in the saddle, hoping the bullets would pass over his head, several had, but a dozen had struck him, blowing a gaping hole in his seat and hitting his spine, he died instantly. His body was delivered to the Yankees under a flag of truce. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
Calcav - What's gross is they pulled the bullet out and sent it to his family. Yecchhh!!
lost cause - John Hunt Morgan was killed after escaping from an ohio pow camp
shari - Now, THAT'S what I call a souvenir... LOL
Scarlet - Oh wow, just the souvenier of action I would want to have to remember myloved one by, NOT!
Calcav - Picture of it in Echos of Glory:Arms and Equipment of the Union p.175.
shari - oooh, i've got that book....gotta see, gotta see....
Scarlet - Lovely! What a thing to take a pic of, someone was incredibly desperate to fill pages in the book, LOL
shari - I would imagine it was sent to a museum....
Addison Hart-Host - OK, all. Here's a very hard Who Am I? Ready? I was an elder amn when the war began, I served with McDowell at 1st Manassas, but proved to be 'inept' due to some of my drinking habits, unfair, huh? Well, they didn't discharge me, instead they sent me to command the garrison at a large West Virginia town, which you can name. During the Antietam Campaign, this town was captured by Stonewall Jackson, My leg was, sadly, blown off by a shell, but hey! At least I wasn't drunk...again. Well, after that I died. Who am I?
HankC - Nelson A. Miles?
Calcav - Dixon Miles at Harper's Ferry.
Addison Hart-Host - Correct, Calcav!
Xan - I forget exactly what the original question was, but is the answer Garnett?
Addison Hart-Host - He was Dixon S. Miles.
Dameron - Xan, Nope, not Garnett. Mississipian remember...
Addison Hart-Host - At the same time that Dixon Miles died at Harper's Ferry, a large battle was being fought in the hills of Maryland. A mountain region called South Mountain, which would deprive each Union and Confederate armies of one of their best generals...
Xan - Dameron, then repeat the question. I thought it was "First Confederate General killed in battle", in which case it IS Garnett. Robert, not his better-known cousin Richard.
Calcav - Garland and Reno.
Addison Hart-Host - At South Mountain, the Union and the Confederacy each lost a good general, 9th Corps Commander Jesse L. Reno for the North, who was shot in the chest, and Samuel Garland for the South, who was hit in the head.
Xan - Oh well....Dameron, you mean there were Mississippians in the Civil War? Gee, I am learning all kinds of new things tonight!
Addison Hart-Host - As Jackson's Confederates rushed to join up with Lee's main army, McClellan amassed his and waited for the morning of September 17th for the attack...
HankC - F J H00ker on the left with the eye corps
Basecat - Addison....Just a point....McClellan awaited is the proper word....Had e attcked on the 16th...IMHO...He would have destroyed Lee....
HankC - <That would be the Confederate left>
Addison Hart-Host - On September 17th, early in the morning, the first shots of Antietam were fired. One of the first of 6 KIA Generals there was Lawrence O'Brian Branch.
HankC - Lee had him right where he wanted him
Camp - One of the First Officers Killed at Antietam was Col. Hugh McNeil
Basecat - Addison....Branch was killed in the afternoon....defending against Burnside's Attack....
Addison Hart-Host - A North Carolina politician, the fresh faced Branch was an early recruit for the Confederate struggle. Serving first agaisnt Burnside at North Carolina, Branch also fought through the Peninsula, 2nd Manassas, and now the Antietam campaign.
Addison Hart-Host - Col. McNeil was an interesting man. Bearded Colonel of the Bucktails. He was shot through the throat on the 16th.
Camp - 17th
HankC - Branch was in AP Hill's division, yes?
Xan - Farewell all, good job AddisonH, looking forward to the next one.
Addison Hart-Host - In the afternoon, as AP Hill's generals were in conference, Branch amoung them, a Yankee sniper singled out the young, unbearded man in the front. In an instant, Branch's head exploded. A bullet had smashed through the skull as he spoke. He died instantly.
Addison Hart-Host - The first KIA General was also the highest ranking. Joseph Mansfield, 12th Corps Commander, had died as a result of a bullet to the chest in the East Woods. After him, on the Confederate side, William E Starke was shot thrice. He died in half an hour of his wounds.
Basecat - Addison....Hate to disagree..again...but Branch was already on the field...and Hill was still coming up...if he was in a conference he was in one with his own commanders....Hill had yet to appear..
HankC - Starke's brigades field officers had a rough day.. All Louisianians.
Addison Hart-Host - At roughly the same time Branch fell. Union Division commander Isaac Peace Rodman had fallen with a bullet in the head. He died in a day. Last at the Sunken Road, both George B. Anderson of the Confederacy, and famed Israel Richardson, received mortal wounds. The bloodiest single day of the Civil War claimed 6 generals.
HankC - Branch was the division chief while AP Hill was under arrest.
Addison Hart-Host - In the West, Price's men had again fought agaisnt Yankee troops, this time agaisnt those of Rosecrans at Iuka. The realtively small battle ended with the Confederacy less one general. Louis Henry Littel had been shot in the skull while talking to Price, who at the sight of his death, muttered uncontrollably: "My Little, I've lost my Little."
HankC - Remeber that lots of brigades were commanded by Colonels.
Addison Hart-Host - End of Part 3.
newyawk - Thanks Addison, informative as always
Addison Hart-Host - See ya next time, Wednesday the 2nd of August. We start with Perryville and end with Chancellorsville. See ya then.
Scarlet - thank you again Addison
Addison Hart-Host - Thanks all. I love doing this, but it's 11:30 and I'm signing off now. Night all!
HankC - Super job, AH
Addison Hart-Host - Thanks all. Henry's posting the whole thing on his page tommorow morning.