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Addison Hart-Host - Col. Speed S. Fry looked up at the rider approaching him. He could barely make out his form through the drizzle and the darkness. He heard the man shout out suddenly: "Those are our men! We must not shoot our own men!" Fry was astounded, what did he mean? Suddenly, he recognized the rider's long, gray coat with the markings of a confederate brigadier. Fry lifted his revolver and for a split second thought he saw the Confederate grasp his mistake. But then a shot appeared in the darkness and he had become a KIA General...
Addison Hart-Host - Who was that, can anyone guess?
Aldie - General Phillip Kearney
Addison Hart-Host - That was Confederate Brigadier General Felix Zollicoffer, who was fighting a final desperate battle near a small Kentucky settlement known as Mill Springs or Logan's Crossroads.
tyler - "the bravest man i ever knew, and a perfect soldier." Scott on Kearny
Aldie - Ahhh...yes, Mill Springs, KY
tyler - Addison Hart-Host, so it was PK after all. nice quote though eh?
Addison Hart-Host - Zollicoffer was born in 1812 in Maury City, Tennessee. was editor of several newspapers, including the Columbia Observer, Huntsville Mercury, and the Republican Banner. He had been a state senator and eventually was elected to congress.
Addison Hart-Host - He later fought and won a duel agaisnt the Editor of the Nashville Union. Attended Washington Peace Conference in 1861. When Tennessee seceded, he was made a Brigadier and sent into Kentucky for an invasion.
Addison Hart-Host - There destroyed a Union garrison in Barbourville and was progressing well until his defeat at Camp Wildcat.
tyler - great job AH!
Addison Hart-Host - His superior, George B. Crittenden arrived to take command of his army in December and immediatly took the offensive, attacking the Federals at Mill Springs. In that battle, near sighted Zollicoffer rode up to one of his colonels through the rain to order them to cease firing. The Colonel was a Yank, Col. Speed Fry, and he immediatly shot Zollicoffer in the chest. He died instantly. The battle was soon lost.
Aldie - Outstanding!
Addison Hart-Host - Does anyone know what the next violent action that cost the Union or Confederacy a major officer was?
Addison Hart-Host - Thanks, Aldie.
Aldie - Shiloh?
Addison Hart-Host - Close, Aldie.
Aldie - Forts Henry or Donelson?
Addison Hart-Host - January 19th, 1862, Shari.
shari - What about Pea Ridge?
Camp - Fort Donelson
shari - Hmm, didn't think of the forts....
shari - Camp- are you cheating???
Camp - how am I cheating?
shari - I dunno, looking up these dates...LOL
Aldie - Shari's right. I forgot about Pea Ridge.
Aldie - Ben McCullough was killed at Pea Ridge.
shari - yup, Aldie, he was.
Addison Hart-Host - Andrew Hull Foote's men were jubilant over their recent victory at Fort Henry and ran ahead of Grant's troops, hoping that they could take Donelson as easily, but that wasn't to be the case.
shari - Looks like Aldie wins!
Aldie - It was Donelson?
Addison Hart-Host - Andrew Hull Foote was born in 1806 in New Haven, Connecticutt. He left West Point for the navy and was appointed as midshipman. He became deeply religious and was soon known as a fiery anti-slavery crusader.
Addison Hart-Host - In 1856, Foote received his baptisim of fire at Canton, China, leading 327 sailors and marines attacking American ships.
Aldie - The Geisha and the Barbarian!!
Addison Hart-Host - I know this is a difficult discussion to join into, but questions, comments, and Who am I's are welcome.
Aldie - I like the Who am I format Addison!
shari - AH- would his being in the navy make him an Admiral? Or wasn't he that high up?
Addison Hart-Host - In August 1861, His friend Gideon Welles assigned him command all naval forces on the upper Mississippi. He worked with Ulysses S. Grant in the campaign to cut the south in two by severing the Mississippi. His men, without infantry support, took Fort Henry in Tennessee after a superbly fought battle. He then moved his men straight to Fort Donelson without Grant and attacked.
Aldie - We could actually play: Name that general Jeopardy.
shari - I remember hearing that name, but just cannot place it..darn it....
Addison Hart-Host - Shari, he was an Admiral.
Aldie - The Navy Admiral is the equivelent to the Army General.
Addison Hart-Host - Sure, Aldie. I'm serious about that. You can go first if you like while I continue on Foote.
shari2 - Thanks, AH
Addison Hart-Host - On Friday, the 14th, Foote and four gunboats led the assault. His men opened fire on Floyd's confederates and a heavy piece of fighting ensued.
Aldie - Floyd was a goof! So was Pillow!
Paladin - What are we saying about Floyd?
Addison Hart-Host - Foote was struck several times aboard his flagship, the St. Louis, and the gunboat lost control and drifted down the river under fire. When the ship was saved, Foote was discovered to be terribly wounded, but this did not end his aggresiveness and he led the attack on Island No. 10 a month later, but he fainted during the assault and never rallied from the wound. He lay in a hospital until 1863 when he was given a new command. He died before knowing of it.
shari2 - Geez, what a fighter!
Paladin - Foote? Oh yes......and he was NAVY all the way too.As was his sucessor....
Addison Hart-Host - Here's a who am I for a general who died as a result of wounds. I was born in 1807 in Pennsylvania and graduated from West Point in 1825. I was in the Mormon Expedition and I was a friend of John Fremont. I was given command of troops under Ulysses Grant in the West and I took part in the capture of Fort Donelson, but during the battle I jumped into a rowboat and badly scraped my shin, the wound became septic and I died in April, 1862. Who am I?
Aldie - Albert Sydney Johnston
Paladin - Are you an old man,and a former instructor of Grant?
Aldie - The Highest Ranking General Officer, North or South to have been killed on the field of Battle. -- 1430, 6 April 1862.
Addison Hart-Host - I am old.
Addison Hart-Host - I am older than Grant. I was an instructor of Grant for a time. I lead a division and was a Brigadier.
Paladin - Would your last name be Smith?
Addison Hart-Host - I am not that Reb Johnston!
Aldie - General Twigg!
Addison Hart-Host - What was that, Mr. Paladin?
Paladin - Smith........
Addison Hart-Host - BINGO! I am Charles Ferguson Smith!
shari2 - as in Charles, Paladin?
Aldie - Bingo!
Addison Hart-Host - Here's a prize, Paladin,
Paladin - So........what did I win?
shari2 - Paladin wins!
Aldie - Johnston was too easy.
Addison Hart-Host - Shari, you get one as well!
Paladin - Now THAT'S a prize!!!!!!!!!!!!
Addison Hart-Host - In Arkansas, Major General Earl Van Dorn had recently taken command of the Army of the West, consisting of two wings, that of Sterling Price, and that of Benjamin McCullogh.
Aldie - Pea Ridge.
Addison Hart-Host - Van Dorn was aware of a small union army in the area of Pea Ridge Arkansas, under Samuel R. Curtis. He developed a fancy plan. He split his army into the two wings, the flank wing commanded by McCullogh. McCullogh's second was James McIntosh.
Addison Hart-Host - Benjamin McCullogh was born in Rutherford City, Tennessee, in 1811. His younger brother was a fellow Confederate General, Henry McCullogh. McCullogh as a young man befriended a local Texican named Davy Crockett, who one day scooped up young Ben and they rode together to the battle of San Jacinto.
Aldie - Wasn't Davy Crocett already dead by San Jacinto?
Addison Hart-Host - Please all, I invite comments, questions, suggestions, and Who Am I's.
Paladin - I thought Crockett was from Tennessee
Aldie - He was but he died at the Alamo on 6 March 1836.
Paladin - And I think he WAS dead before San Jacinto......
Addison Hart-Host - Ben became a surveyor in the New Texas Republic and a leader in the Texas Rangers. On May 11th, 1861, Ben was commisioned a Brigadier General in the CS Army. He was given command of Indian Territory. He obtained the Cherokee's promise to fight for the South and organized a Cherokee Cavalry Regiment under Stand Watie.
Addison Hart-Host - He led Confederate forces agaisnt the invading Yankees under Nathaniel Lyon at Wilson's Creek, Missouri, where Lyon became a KIA General.
Paladin - The Alamo was in what.....'36?
Addison Hart-Host - Ben personally led two comapnies into the fray agaisnt Sigel's men, routing their forces and winning the day. Sadly, a dark cloud was gathering. McCullogh had very little respect for military protocol and wore black velvet uniform with a tall stovepipe hat on the battlefield, and then there's the fact that he and Price had a very stormy relationship.
Addison Hart-Host - This friction was slightly eased by the appointment of Earl Van Dorn as Confederate leader of all Trans-Mississippi troops.
shari2 - Addison, do you know the nature of the disagreement between Ben and Sterling?
Addison Hart-Host - Price started it by disregarding McCullogh's seniority on the field and proclaiming himself as Confederate commander there.
Aldie - Ben McCullough liked the dark beers, and Sterling Price enjoyed the Light Beers.
Aldie - It became a "Tastes Great - Less Filling" type of argument.
Addison Hart-Host - At Pea Ridge, March 7th, 1862, McCullogh commanded three large brigades: Paul Hebert's, James McIntosh's, and Albert Pike's. Pike commanded the Cherokee troops and McIntosh was Ben's second in command.
Aldie - Pike also had a brigade of Choctaws.
Addison Hart-Host - At first his assaults were an intital success, until McCullogh walked into a cornfield to reconnoiter Yankee positions.
Addison Hart-Host - Minutes later, McIntosh rode into the cornfield to find him. Riding forward he saw the stovepipe hat lying in the corn, and feet away he saw a sight that sickened his stomach. A man in black velvet lay streched out along the corn with a bullet in his back. Ben McCullogh had been killed by a Sniper.
Chamberlainlover has wandered off and got lost!
shotgun has wandered off and got lost!
Aldie - This general was killed in combat during a blinding thunderstorm. He got disoriented and began riding towards what he thought was his lines. They turned out to be that of the enemy's. He attempted to wheel his horse around in the opposite direction but it was too late. A minie ball was shot hitting him in the rear end and severing the base of his spinal column. This general was dead before he ever hit the ground. Who was he?
shari2 - Oh, geez, Aldie...give another hint....please....
Addison Hart-Host - The command of Ben McCullogh's right wing went to Brigadier General James McQueen McIntosh, a big, Floridan who was a wonderfull commander.
Aldie - He's noted for calling another general "The Virginia Creeper."
Paladin - Was the general on site quoted as saying "He deserved better"when they sent the body back?
Addison Hart-Host - James McIntosh was born at Fort Brooke, Florida, son of a career colonel who died in the Mexican War. His brother John was a Union general. He attended West Point in 1845 and graduated last in his class. A Union Custer?
Addison Hart-Host - A Confederate Custer? Sorry about the typo.
Paladin - And did this guy serve in other countries armed forces?
Scarlet - LOL< like one Custer wasnt' enough!?
Aldie - Who Paladin?
Paladin - I have NO idea.......... besides,I've answered correctly already tonight.
Aldie - I'm lost. I can't follow who you're talking about.
Addison Hart-Host - He was brevetted 2nd Lieutenant in the 1st US Infantry. He received commision as 1st Lieutenant in the 1st Cavalry in 1855. He rsigned in May 1861 to join the Confederate army for the same rank. He gained a reputation as a dependable cavalry leader at Wilson's Creekand became a favorite of McCullogh's. In January he was promoted to brigadier.
shari2 - Give me another hint, Aldie...
Aldie - I don't want to make it too obvious to y'all.
shari2 - LOL, well, I'm clueless as usual...
Aldie - This general was killed only moments before another general officer fell.
Addison Hart-Host - When McCullogh was killed, McIntosh took command of the Right Wing. Within minutes of his friends' death, a courier delivered an order from Van Dorn. He was staring at his own death. The General ordered him to mount a cavalry charge agaisnt the strong position belonging to Col. Peter Osterhaus' division. McIntosh reluctantly ordered the charge.
Aldie - Robert E. Lee had such great respect for this general officer that his body was sent back to the Federal Lines under a flag of truce.
Addison Hart-Host - Hi AoT. I'm hosting KIA Generals Part 2.
Aldie - Don't ya just hate that. Reluctantly ordering something you know if going to fail and cost you your own life.
Virginian - Aldie....Wheeler
Aldie - No, Wheeler and Robert E. Lee were not in the same theatre of operations.
Virginian - Whoops I thought Addison was asking a question Aldie...I wasn't referring to your question
Addison Hart-Host - Within seconds of the beginning of the charge, a bullet tore into his heart and he died instantly. The charge broke.
Aldie - One of the Army Corps, Army of the Potomac had designed a badge named after this general in his honor.
Aldie - The badge I believe was designed by Daniel Butterfield.
Virginian - Was it Meagher?
Addison Hart-Host - McIntosh is buried in Austin, TX.
Aldie - He was loading his revolver and spinning the chamber.
Aldie - Next clue is going to give this away.
Addison Hart-Host - Van Dorn was highly critiscized for ordering the charge that killed McIntosh, most heavily by McIntosh's friend Dabney Maury. Yet, McIntosh was not the last confederate general to die at Pea Ridge, who was the last?
shari2 - Aldie- is it Kearny?
Aldie - Bing! bing! bing! Give the lucky girl a See-gar!
Addison Hart-Host - Shari, you are sharp! Youre right! You win a Root beer!
Aldie - The answer to today's $64,000 dollar question: Who was Phillip Kearny?
Paladin - Phil Kearney..........
Aldie - The Battle of Chantilly (Ox Hill) Virginia was fought in a blinding thunderstorm on 1 September 1862.
Aldie - General Isaac Stevens was also killed within minutes of Kearney.
shari2 - I didn't know the battle, Aldie...
Aldie - Chantilly, Virginia was the battle that General A.P. Hill rode up to Stonewall Jackson and said: How are my men to do battle here when their powder is wet? And Jackson replied: General, don't you think the enemy's powder is just as wet as your own. Give
Aldie - Give them the bayonet!!
Addison Hart-Host - Here's my next Who am I...
Aldie - Ahh...General Hiram Burnham!
Aldie - General Isaac Rodman!
Addison Hart-Host - Now, Shari's already answered correctly but I'll post it.
shari2 - Aldie!! He hasn't even posted the question yet....
Aldie - Ohh...I knew I was forgetting something.
Addison Hart-Host - Here's the question: I am a Kentuckian by birth, I moved to Missouri at age 3 with my familyI served as a captain during the Mexican War and practised law when the war errupted. In fought under Price at Carthage, Wilson's Creek, where I was wounded, and then at Pea Ridge. I was struck my a minie ball only an inch from my old wound and I died in April. I was posthumously promoted to brigadier general. Who am I?
Addison Hart-Host - Has anyone figured out my Who am I yet?
shari2 - give them another hint, AH!!
Aldie - Colonel Colton Green
Camp - McCulloch or Mcintosh
Aldie - Brigadier General James S. Rains
Addison Hart-Host - Close Aldie.
Aldie - brigadier general D. M. Frost
Addison Hart-Host - That genius Shari has answered correctly y'all and since you don't know here's the answer--- Col. William Yarnel Slack.
shari2 - *preening* I'm a genius....
Aldie - Colonel John B. Clark, Jr.
Addison Hart-Host - Yep, Shari! Brilliant!
Aldie - You shoulda cut me some slack there
Aldie - Addison had the Choctaw Indians really scalped the Union Soldiers at Pea Ridge, as stated in Series I Volume VIII of the Official Records?
Addison Hart-Host - After Pea Ridge, there was another great movement in the West. General Albert Sidney Johnston's Army of the Mississippi moved from Corinth to attack Grant's encamped army resting near Pittsburg Landing and a little chapel called Shiloh...
Elly-Moderator - How's that Addison?
Aldie - Kewl. My kinda battle!
Addison Hart-Host - Johnston had with him Four Corps, 1st under Polk, second under Bragg, third under Hardee, and fourth under Breckinridge. Bragg's corps was ordered to attack the positions of the Division of Genl. William Wallace, USA. The spearhead brigade was that of Brigadier General Adley Gladden.
Addison Hart-Host - Adley Hogan Gladden was born in Fairfield, SC in 1810. He was a cotton broker and postmaster in Columbia, SC, and a veteran volunteer during the Seminole and Mexican Wars.
Addison Hart-Host - As the war began, Gladden lived in New Orleans. He was briefly a Lieutenant Colonel in a SC Regiment but soon was Colonel of the 1st LA. Throughout his brief generalship during the Civil War, he was commanded by Braxton Bragg, first at Pensacola during the siege of Fort Pickens, then during the occupation of Corinth, and finally at Shiloh.
Addison Hart-Host - As brigadier in Wither's division, Gladden led the first assaults during the battle. Leading an attack at 8:45 am, a projectile struck him in the arm, badly mangling it. He gasped to his Aide "Scott, I am struck, but let us go on." He then said, "It's a serious hurt, help me down." As his ambulance passed a correspondent reported: "he was pale, faint, but still smiling." He died April 12th after his left arm was amputated.
Addison Hart-Host - Aldie, it's A.S. Johnston next.
Aldie - Ahhh...I think W.H.L. Wallace was the next to go.
Aldie - They were asking for volunteers and he rode forward.
Addison Hart-Host - Albert Sidney Johnston was born in 1803 at Washington , KY. A friend of Jeff Davis he graduated from West Point in 1826 and fought in the Blackhawk war.
Addison Hart-Host - In 1836, he was made a Brigadier General in the Texas Army and fought in the Mexican War and the Mormon Expedition as Colonel. He was given Confederate command of the Western forces as Full Ranking General.
Addison Hart-Host - Charging with his men in the front lines at Hornet's Nest, Johnston was shot in the back of the foot. He died after a few minutes, the highest ranking general to die in CW combat.
Addison Hart-Host - Across the field, William H.L. Wallace, Union Brigadier General, was hit in the head by a shell. He would die April 10th.
57oh-old man - AH, and a big loss for the South!
29mo - Forgive me, but I thought he was shot in the popliteal artery in the back of his leg just below the knee. His boot, having no bullit hole in it, filled with blood. AoT showed me the tree by which he fell and the swell within which he died of exsanguination.
Addison Hart-Host - In the end, Shiloh was another Union victory. It was the bloodiest Civil War battle fought at that time.
Addison Hart-Host - Correct, 29th MO.
57oh-old man - Agreed AH! Thank you for taking us thru it!
29mo - Please forgive me again, but the spot was just south of the peach orchard, somewhat removed, while getting close, to the Hornet's Nest.
Addison Hart-Host - Now skirmishing was becoming more frequent and large battles even more frequent, especially in the East. The small area known as Seven Pines or Fair Oaks was hit hardest by George McClellan's Peninsula Campaign. There, not only was Joe Johnston replaced by Lee after his wounds, but the South lost a promising brigadier.
newyawk - Aksi Johnston took a few hours to die
29mo - this an organized discussion? If so, I will just shut up and listen. What is the topic?
Addison Hart-Host - Robert Hatton was born in Steubenville, Ohio in 1826. He moved to Tennessee and became a Southern politician. He was eventually sent to the US House of Representatives on a Republican Ticket. In the war, he fought with Lee at Cheat Mountain and with Johnston as Brigadier at Seven Pines. When leading the first attack there on Keyes' Corps, he was shot in the head, dying instantly. His death was a shock to the ANV.
Addison Hart-Host - 29th, the topic is KIA Generals, Pt. 2.
29mo - Thank you...please continue.
Addison Hart-Host - Back in the west, the North lost two Naval Commanders at Fort Pillow and Memphis: Charles Ellet, inventor of the Ellet Brigade Ironclads, was hit by a shell. He was killed instantly and was the only Union casualty of the battle. At Memphis, William Logan Gwinn who had abley commanded the USS Tyler at Shiloh, was struck by a cannonball and blown in half.
Addison Hart-Host - All, I'm ending Part 2 tonight when I reach the end of June. I'll continue from June 1862 to June 1863 Friday.
Addison Hart-Host - The last KIA General of Juen, 1862, was Mississippi Brigadier Richard Griffith, a politician who was killed by a shell. His death amde way for the arrival of William Barksdale.
Addison Hart-Host - That's all tonight, folks. I'm very tired. It's 11:00 already! See ya Friday!
newyawk - Night Addison...thank you it was great!
Addison Hart-Host - 'Night, 57th, hold the door, I'm going too.
Addison Hart-Host - Thanks, NY.
Addison Hart-Host - Friday, its' June 1862 to June 1863. With Who Am Is' on the side!
Addison Hart-Host - 'Night all!
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