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Vickie - Addison Hart- Host, do you have a subject for the evening?
Addison Hart-Host - Yes, Vickie, at 8 eastern I'll be starting K.I.A. Generals!
Addison Hart-Host - Aldie, the intro, please..
Aldie - Ladies and Gents...Live from Maryland. Heeeeeerrrrrrrrre's Addison!!
Elly-Moderator - Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause!

Addison Hart-Host - The blue coated rebel general rode forward to his routing men. They looked up at him as he braved the shower of bullets. "Will you follow me back to where the fighting is?" "TO THE DEATH!" they called. "Let us determine to die here and we shall conquer, there stands Jackson like a stonewall, rally behind the Virginians! He then rode into the fray to become a KIA General.
newyawk - Gen. 1st Manassas.
Addison Hart-Host - That officer was Brigadier general Barnard Elliot Bee, the second Killed In Action general of the Civil War. the battle was First Manassas, July 21st, 1861.
Aldie - Bernard Bee.
Addison Hart-Host - A week before that battle, General Robert Selden Garnett had become the first KIA General at Corrick's Ford.
Addison Hart-Host - Actually, Aldie, Barnard was how he spelled his name.
Aldie - Who is Robert Seldon Garnett
Addison Hart-Host - KIA Generals has just begun.
Addison Hart-Host - Is that a question or an answer, Aldie?
Aldie - Continue fault.
Addison Hart-Host - Elly's just come to me with a suggestion. We'll do some who am I's in a few mins. Anyone want to ask any questions or start a particular discussion on a KIA General?
Aldie - He's a cousin of Richard Brooke
cwarnut - Is it true that they still don't know where Gen. R.B. Garnett is buried at Gettysburg?
Addison Hart-Host - Yep, the Richard Garnett who vanished from the field of Pickett's Charge, it's my opinion that Richard was struck by canister and so badly mangled that what was left of him was unrecognizable.
Aldie - couldn't have been canister because his horse survived.
Addison Hart-Host - Or a volley of fire that had the same effect on Garnett?
Aldie - I agree he was killed with artillery, but he was hit with shell that wasn't far enough out of the mouth of the cannon to have exploded yet.
Elly-Moderator - Well Aldie, that was according to the movie. Is it actual fact that his horse survived?
Aldie - The force of the shell sent his upper body into about ten thousands directions.
Scarlet - His sword mysteriously apeared many years later, I forget where, but no body was ever found!
Aldie - Canister is used for infantry personnel. It cuts wide gaps in troops. When this explodes on an officer on horseback the horse takes the grand ride with the officer.
Addison Hart-Host - Robert Garnett was born in 1819 in Essex County, VA. He graduated 27th in the class of '41 at West point with his cousin Richard. He fought in both the Mexican and Seminole Wars, distinguishing himself and gaining promotion as Major. He was made a Confederate Brigadier June 6th, 1861.
Aldie - The sword was found in a Baltimore pawnshop Addison.
Addison Hart-Host - the sword was recovered in a Baltimore Pawnshop, probably found by a Yankee Artillerist.
Aldie - According to "Generals In Grey" Garnett's horse was seen galloping to the rear.
Addison Hart-Host - Robert Garnett was given command of the Army of the Northwest in the West Virginia mountains. After his defeat at Rich Mountain, where his second, Col. John Pegram (destined to be a KIA General himself) was captured. there, Garnett recieved a premontion of death.
Addison Hart-Host - Sorry premontion= premonition.
Aldie - Did he mention this premonition to anyone, Addison?
Addison Hart-Host - During Garnett's retreat his men were followed by the forces of George B. McClellan and William S. Rosecrans. Then he was attacked at Corrick's Ford July 13th.
Coy - WHo was the opposing(Union) commander at Rich Mountain.
Addison Hart-Host - He mentioned it to many people, including his Aide-De-Camp.
Aldie - How was Garnett killed?
Coy - oh...there is the name. W. S. Rosecrans
Addison Hart-Host - Coy, both McClellan and Rosecrans opposed Garnett there. Rich Mountain is such a complex fight that it's one of my favorites.
cwarnut - He was killed in the third day's fighting at Gettysburg, where he took part in Pickett's Charge.
Sean Patrick - thats a different garnett
Aldie - Richard Brooke Garnett died at Gettysburg
Addison Hart-Host - During the bloody struggle at Corrick's Ford, Garnett and his Aide-De-Camp rode along the Cheat Mountain area when a volley was fired. Robert Garnett had always said one could never duck in time. The Aide ducked down and the fire went overhead, but he heard a bullet strike something soft and turned to see his general fall from his horse, dead before he hit the ground.
cwarnut - Sorry! I stand corrected.
Aldie - This is Robert Seldon Garnett -- Richard Brooke's cousin.
cwarnut - That's what the chatroom is all about. We learn from it!
Addison Hart-Host - Garnett's corpse soon fell into enemy hands, he was discovered by his Union friend, Col. Ebeneezer Dumont, who uttered "Poor Bob Garnett." Garnett was buried in Baltimore but was reinterred and buried with his wife in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.
Addison Hart-Host - Robert Garnett died at Corricks' Ford, he was recovered. Richard Garnett died at G-Burg, he was never recovered.
Aldie - Cool stuff Addison! General Ebeneezer Dumont was a brigade commander that had the 72nd Indiana Mounted Rifles under him later on in the war!!
BaylorDan - Addison, was "Garnett" pronounced the same by Robert and Richard?
Addison Hart-Host - When Garnett's horse Redeye was found alive, it was bleeding, but the saddle was caked with the blood of the General, he probably was killed.
Addison Hart-Host - Yes, BD. They were cousins.
Sean Patrick - grapeshot or solid must have mutilated his body
Elly-Moderator - So his horse DID survive?
Coy - Aldie, do you follow Wilder's Brigade?
Aldie - According to Generals in Grey, yes.
Addison Hart-Host - Garnett may have been the first KIA General, but he was not the first Confederate officer to become KIA. That distinctsion was given to Captain John Quincy Marr.
Aldie - I've read the 72nd Mounted Rifles Regimental History.
Aldie - Dumont was quite a character!
cwarnut - Where was Cap. Marr killed?
Scarlet - Addison, wasn't Franklin the deadliest battle as far as General's killed in one battle?
Aldie - Antietam had 18 killed or mortally wounded.
Addison Hart-Host - Captain John Quincy Marr was born in Warrenton, VA in 1825. Ranked 2nd in the class of '46 at VMI, he probaly would have been a General. He was county Sheriff, Treasurer, and Presiding Justice of County Courts. After fighting agaisnt John Brown during the Harper's Ferry raid, he organized the Warrenton Rifles militia for state defense.
Scarlet - General's Aldie?
Aldie - Yes, generals.
Aldie - Read: "Landscape Turned Red" by Stephen W. Sears.
Addison Hart-Host - Marr sat as a delegate in the Virginia secession convention. In 1861 he was promoted to Lt. Col. and fought the skirmish at Fairfax Court House on June st, 1861. 50 men from the 2nd US Cav attacked his position and were thrown back after a short fight. Marr was killed in a clover field on a roadside, his body undiscovered for hours.
Coy - Class of '46 is a very famous class of WP. Although I would compare the class of '42 with it.
Aldie - Good Point Coy
Addison Hart-Host - A bronze statue of Marr now stands over the spot where he fell.
Addison Hart-Host - Mrs. Van Lew, as you might know, I'm hosting tonight on KIA Generals. I'm getting to USN Commander James H. Ward.
Crazybet - I look forward to your discussion, Addison.
Addison Hart-Host - The Civil War's first months were initially made up of Virginia Naval Battles, many of which were heading by USN Commander James Harmon Ward.
Addison Hart-Host - From the Battle of Sewell's Point to Matthias Point, Ward commanded all Union Naval assaults on the VA Coast.
Elly-Moderator - Who designed the first ironclad Addison?
Addison Hart-Host - Charles Ellet JR. The man who designed the Monitor was John Ericsson. Elly I do believe that you knew the answer, since Ellet would soon be (bum bum bum bum!) a KIA General!
shari - AH- What happened to Ward?
Elly-Moderator - Very good Addison!
Addison Hart-Host - Ward was born in Hartford Connecticutt, in 1806. He attended Norwich University and Trinity College. He was a founder of the United States Military Academy and gained a reputation as a scholar by writing AN ELEMENTARY COURSE OF INSTRUCTION ON ORDNANCE AND GUNNERY (1845).
Aldie - They named a Fort after him.
Addison Hart-Host - In Alexandria, Aldie.
Aldie - That's right! One exit south of the Leesburg Pike on Interstate 395.
Addison Hart-Host - By 1861, Ward was a Commander and supported Gustavus Fox's plans to reinforce Sumter, but the would never be used. He was soon given command of the Potomac Flotilla of 7 vessels, the flagship being the USS THOMAS FREEBORN. He lead the capture of Alexandria, VA.
Addison Hart-Host - Shortly afterward, on June 1st, Ward lead the assault on Aquia Creek, but Colonel Dan Ruggles' artillerists drove him off.
just<battle - Yes...I have never seen it this full yet, i have seen just me in here LOL\
Aldie - How's about George Dashiell Bayard?
Addison Hart-Host - On June 27th, Ward lead the Gunboat/Marine attck on Matthias Point. The Confederates, however, had Infantry on the bluffs and after a long fight drove them off. A gunner on the FREEBORN was wounded, standing feet from Ward. Ward tore off his coat and ran to the gun to take command. He fired one shot and was shot through the chest by a Rebel sniper. He died instantly. the attack then crumbled.
Vickie has wandered off and got lost!
Addison Hart-Host - Alexandria's bloodless capture was, however, not that bloodless. Col. Elmer Ephriam Ellsworth of Malta, NY, born in 1837, was colonel of the 11th NY Fire Zouaves. Lincoln had a Father/Son relationship with the Colonel.
Addison Hart-Host - Ellsworth was with Ward when he took Alexandria and brought his regiment into town when he saw a Confederate Flag flying over the Marshall House, a local inn run by James Jackson.
Aldie - He worked in the law offices of Herndon and Lincoln back in Springfield.
Addison Hart-Host - That's right, Aldie.
Addison Hart-Host - Gosh, I'm going nuts!
Scarlet - LOL, hang in there Addison, you are doing great!
Aldie - You're from Maryland. That's understandable.
Addison Hart-Host - Ellsworth and a small detachment of men, including Pvt. Francis Brownell, ran into the inn. Ellsworth tore down the flag and he and his men walked down the stairs. There he met with sudden death on a dark staircase.
Coy - Ellsworth worked in Abe's law office? hmmm, didn't know that.
Aldie - And what happened to the Inn Keeper that nailed Ellsworth?
Addison Hart-Host - James Jackson, in long underwhere, ran out of his room with a Sawed off Shotgun. He fired at point-blank range into the Colonel's chest and he collapsed down the stairs. Brownell ran forward to Jackson and shot him and bayoneted the hapless civilian down the stairs.
Addison Hart-Host - Lincoln mourned his friend and had his body lay in state in the White House before he was buried in NY.
Aldie - The Inn Keeper.
newyawk - Addison Ellsworth was more like a son than a friend to Lincoln. If he had been a friend I doubt he would have layed in state at the White House.
Aldie - People who killed Lincoln's friends never lived to talk about it.
Addison Hart-Host - Before I go on I want to remind y'all that this is the 139th Anniversary of 1st Manassas or Bull Run.
Addison Hart-Host - Aldie, Jackson, who was shot and bayoneted was the Inn Keeper.
Aldie - That's a fact. Brownell had leaped forward and stuck his bayonet in him.
Addison Hart-Host - The only two Colonels in the Union killed at 1st Bull Run were James Cameron (brother of Secretary of War Simon) and James Slocum, can anyone provide any info on them?
Aldie - Ahhhh...James Cameron -- 79th New York Infantry?
Aldie - And that is WHY they didn't want to use them in combat!
Addison Hart-Host - Yes, Aldie. And John S. Slocum of the 2nd Rhode Island. Historical Note: Henry Slocum destined to command 12th Corps, was wounded at that battle.
George - It is interesting to compare the number of generals and their grades that were killed on both sides.
Aldie - There were an awful lot of them George, between 1861-65.
Aldie - Where they related Addison?
Addison Hart-Host - Barnard Elliot Bee, who said the immortal words "Let us determine to die here and we shall conquer! There stands Jackson like a Stonewall!" was a Confederate Brigadier, born in Charleston, SC in 1824, his older brother Hamilton was also a Confederate General.
Elly-Moderator - I was just about to ask the same question Aldie.
Aldie - There is a contraversy as to that which he meant by those words Addison
Addison Hart-Host - Probably were, Aldie. That's what I've been trying to find out.
newyawk - Now this is conflicting Addison, earlier someone said that it was Bernard Bee, is it Bernard or Barnard? I've also heard Bernard.
George - There were two army commanders killed in the CW. Confederate General A.S. Johnston at Shiloh and Union General James B. McPherson at the Battle of Atlanta.
Aldie - Some think it was like: There's that bum Jackson. Standing like a Stonewall. Sorta like... darn him!
Addison Hart-Host - According to his camp letters, he writes his name Barnard.
Elly-Moderator - Some also think, unbreakable, rigid, strong!
newyawk - Ok thanks Addison
Aldie - Good Point George. I knew about Johnston being an army commander. But I never stopped to think that McPherson was also.
Crazybet - Bernard Bee's brother-in-law was Gen. Clement Stevens, first colonel of the 24th SC Infantry who would die in the battle of Peachtree Creek, 20 July 1864.
Aldie - Commander of the Army of THE Tennessee.
Addison Hart-Host - Bee's family moved to Texas at an early age. Through special permission, Bee went to West Point, graduating 33rd in the class of '46. He received two brevets for bravery in the Mexican War.
Aldie - There's a regimental on the 24th South Carolina Infantry, crazybet!
Coy - Birdseye....*ptooey*
Aldie - However, General Albert Sydney Johnston was the only full ranked General killed in combat.
Addison Hart-Host - Bee resigned from the US Army March 3rd, 1861 and on June 17th was made a brigadier in the Confederate army. His brigade with that of Col. Francis S. Bartow were ordered into the path of the initial Yank attack at 1st Manassas.
Crazybet - I know Aldie, but I've forgotten the title, even tho' I own the's name could be jones.
shari - AH- I know Barnard Bee had a brother who was also a General, served in Texas...Can you give me his full name? And did he survive the war?
Aldie - It's on the shelf at Farnsworth House Bookstore. haven't read it yet.
Aldie - Hamilton Prioleau Bee
Aldie - He died in 1897 Shari.
Sean Patrick - Does anyone know ic which battle the most generals fell?
Aldie - The General Families that were split by the country politics were the Crittenden's and Buford's both of Kentucky.
Addison Hart-Host - After a terrible piece of fighting around the Henry House Hill area, Bee's men began to rout. He rode up to them and attempted to rally them: "Will you follow me back to where the fighting is going on?" They called back "TO THE DEATH!" "Let us determine to die here and we shall conquer!" He looked along the hill and saw the brigade of a Virginia Professor. "There stands Jackson like a Stonewall! Rally behind the Virginians!"
George - Sean, my guess would be the Battle of Franklin.
Aldie - Eighteen at the Battle of Antietam.
Addison Hart-Host - Sean Patrick, that battle would have to be Gettysburg, but for Confederates alone it's Franklin.
Addison Hart-Host - Or Antietam.
Aldie - Gettysburg?
Aldie - wonders off to the rear for Volume XXVII of the Official Records.
Addison Hart-Host - Bee rode forward to rally his men when a bullet smacked into him. He was carried to a hospital where he died. he is buried in Pendleton, SC.
Aldie - Did he walk into the bullet or did the bullet kinda walk into him?
Sean Patrick - What abouth the stonewall of the west?....of course he wasnt killed till much later in the war
Coy - Aldie.....where did you get the number 18 for Antietam. That seems very high.
Addison Hart-Host - That same day, another gallant Confederate met with death on the field. He was Colonel Francis Scott Bartow. He commanded the Georgia Brigade that fought with Bee's. He had been a lawyer and politician in Savannah.
Aldie - You'll find that in "Landscape Turned Red" Coy. That included those who were simply mortally wounded.
Aldie - Of course, I think the most fasinating fatal wound for a general officer at the battle of Antietam was Brigadier General L. O'B Branch.
Aldie - He kinda had his mouth open and caught the bullet through the mouth and blew off the back of his head.
Aldie - Poor man didn't even know what hit him, I'll bet.
Addison Hart-Host - "I sleep about five hours in the 24," wrote Bartow to his mother, "and very seldom take off my clothing or even my shoes! My toilet is made in the morning by putting on my hat."
George - Many corps and division commanders on both sides "met the fate of the hero" as well.
Elly-Moderator - That's the best way to go!
Sean Patrick - gods punishment for vulgar soap when your dealing with the almighty
Addison Hart-Host - Branch was in confrence with his fellow generals when it happened.
Aldie - You're well studied Addison. Good job!!
Coy - Aldie...I'll have to check it out. Are you sure Generals?
Dameron - Addison, what about the death of General Barksdale?
Coy - Is Mississippi Ready?
Aldie - wonders to the back shelf and takes Volume XIX off the shelf.
Addison Hart-Host - As Bartow rallied his men for the final push, the color sergeant of the 7th GA was shot down. Bartow ran forward carrying the flag ordering a charge, the men ran forward and encountered heavy fire. Bartow fell, a bull
George - I need to go. Enjoyed the discussion. Have a great weekend everyone.
Addison Hart-Host - bullet striking his heart, he cried out:"They have killed me; but boys, never give up!"
Elly-Moderator - Just a quick note: "toilet" in the 1860's wasn't referred to as the same we we use the word "toilet" today. It was a word used for "grooming"......
Addison Hart-Host - Hi Dameron, Barksdale's for Monday, I think.
Aldie - Outstanding Information Elly!!
shari - Thanx, AH...*shew, was biting my nails*
Aldie - Did the Commissary General know how to mix a killer Kamikaze?
Addison Hart-Host - Now we come to Wilson's Creek and Lyon and Weightman.
Sean Patrick - I've gotta run.....great job Addison!....don't forget Cleburne.....huzzah!
Coy - is that pronounced? Terlet or Twalet...<I think I'll have another beer>
Addison Hart-Host - Wilson's Creek was one of the most complex land battles of the Civil War, the Union commander was a fiery veteran, Nathaniel Lyon.
Henry-Moderator - "Twa-let"
Aldie - Wilson Creek was kinda on the retreat march to Appomattox wasn't it Addison?
Addison Hart-Host - Nathaniel Lyon was born in Ashford, Connecticutt in 1818, he graduated 11th in the class of '41 at West Point.
Coy - but I'm close to Quebec.....twa-lay may be right.
Addison Hart-Host - He served in both the Mexican and Seminole Wars and rose to the rank of Captain. At Fort Riley, Kansas, he was caught up in the murderous political climate of 'Bleeding Kansas'. He was a Democrat with few convictiosn about slavery, but after Bleeding Kansas took the Northern point of view as the right one for him. In 1861, he arrived in St. Louis where he lead a great military campaign agaisnt Southern Governor Claiborne F. Jackson.
Elly-Moderator - eh?
Aldie - He was a bleeding democrat.
Addison Hart-Host - Lyon took Camp Jackson, fire upon inncocent civilians and rioters alike during the riots. He then one the battle of Boonville but lost Carthage due to Franz Sigel's attack.
Coy - You know how Canada got its name...C-eh, N-eh, D-eh....I'm sorry. I'm really going to go get that other beer now. :)
Addison Hart-Host - convictiosn= convictions
Coy - You are doing well Addison.
Scarlet - It was amazing!
Addison Hart-Host - Lyon, now a brigadier, gathered together his forces for the disastrous attack on Sterling Price's men at Wilson's Creek. There he met his destiny on Bloody Hill.
Aldie - How was he waxed Addison?
Aldie - A pistol blazing showdown with Ben McCullough.
Aldie - Fill Your Hands...You Son of a ------
Addison Hart-Host - Lyon rode forward to Totten's Battery on the Hill where much fighting was going on. Bleeding from two wounds recieved in the fight. His shaggy whiskers were clotted with blood. Totten offered him some brandy but he replied, "Major, I fear the day is lost."
Coy - like the bloody part of the war, huh?
shari - AH_ was Totten or Lyon bleeding? *blonde moment*
Aldie - Eighteen year veteran of the United States Navy. When I tell people about the war, I give them the Saving Private Ryan version, yes.
Addison Hart-Host - Many new companies of infantry swarmed in to the fray, Lyon leading them on with his hat, bleeding from three wounds now, he charged on with the 1st Iowa when two bullets thudded into him, one in his heart. Major Lehmann, his aide, ran to him and caught him as he fell. "The day is lost!" he cried. He then slumped in the Major's arms. He was dead.
Addison Hart-Host - sorry, Shari. Lyon was bleeding,
shari - Thanx, that's who I thought.
Aldie - He had a very negative attitude didn't he Addison?
Scarlet - will return in a bit. ... . this is her son relaying the message for her
Addison Hart-Host - On the same field, several high ranking Confederates were dead as well. Col. Richard Weightman, a great duelist, politician, and tactician was one of them. He was the man who had won the battle of Carthage. Weightman was leading the charge up Bloody Hill at the head of his brigade. Charging up on foot, the young officer was shot down and carried to the Ray House, dying immediatly after recieving the message that his men had taken the hill.
Henry-Moderator - or maybe a little lack of self confidence........
Coy - hubba-hubba
Iron Pen - I've enjoyed the chat tonight Addison, but time for me to wander toward the bedroom. Good night all and take care!
shari - Aldie- maybe he felt that since he was down (dying), that it was all over...that would be an abundance of self confidence...or arrogance...LOL
Addison Hart-Host - Commanding the 2nd Brigade was a Colonel Cawthon, who is very mysterious due to the lack of information on him. He was killed instantly during the attack.
Aldie - Nathaniel Lyon -- George Custer Clone.
Aldie - haunted by the ghost of Nathaniel Lyon there Addison.
Coy - Aldie, are you referring to the CW Custer or the Indian fighter Custer?
Aldie - Oh sure, we do Elly!
Addison Hart-Host - The final Confederate officer to die there was Col. Ben Brown, a Cavalry Officer, who had performed badly at Carthage and was attempting to prove himself as a good officer. He did so only by being killed at the forefront of a charge agaisnt Sigel's men.
Elly-Moderator - One and the same, aren't they Coy?
Aldie - I'm talking about the December 5, 1839 to June 25, 1876 kinda Custer.
Dameron - Aldie, LOL! Dey sure don't "fights mit Howard!!" .....
Addison Hart-Host - The final large fight in 1861 that claimed the life of a high-ranking officer was Ball's Bluff, a notorius blotch on the history of United States warfare.
Coy - I'm not sure if they(Custer) are they same or not.
Aldie - I admit that Howard seriously goofed at Chancellorsville. But he certainly made up for it at Gettysburg.
Dameron - Aldie, What about Chancellorsville?...
Aldie - You said that the 11th Corps didn't fight mit Howard either. They didn't at Chancellorsville, this is true. They did at Gettysburg.
Addison Hart-Host - The lives of Edward D. Baker, Charles Devens, and E.R. Burt ended. Edward D. Baker was a prominent politician and best friend of Abraham Lincoln.
Basecat - Aldie....You make a good point about the 11th Corps at Getysburg...Has always een my contention that no atter what corps was there...theywould have retreated as well..
Aldie - And he operated a 1200 lbs steam main propulsion system along the banks of the Potomac River.
Addison Hart-Host - The fact that he was Lincoln's best friend was about the only reason that he commanded there. Lincoln had offered him a commision as Major General of volunterrs days before the fight.
Aldie - Howard was warned five times to make defensive dispositions about that right flank and failed to listen to the warnings.
Elly-Moderator - folks, thanks for joining us tonight. Addison did a FANTASTIC job! I've got to be heading in! goodnight to all!!
Addison Hart-Host - On the night of October 20th, Baker's men were landed on the bluffs overlooking the battlefield where Brigadier nathan G. Evan's men were stationed. Baker, a man who constantly spouted poetry, cried out verses of Shakespeare to his men. During the night several regiments mistook each other for the enemy and attcked each other.
Dameron - Aldie, yes they did at Gettysburg. Sorry...was away from the computer.
Addison Hart-Host - Baker had lost the element of surprise he had counted on. The assault proved to be a disaster on October 21st, while poetry spouting, Baker was killed by a sniper.
Basecat - Addison....Am guessing you are talking about Ball's Bluff....for those who have a chance I recmmend you visit the battlefield...nice little park there in Leesburg....and a great walking trail through it...was just there in June....
Addison Hart-Host - Charles Devens, a great tactician and probably better leader than Baker, was Colonel of the 15th Mass. Deven's men suffered the highest casualties that day and were driven into the Potomac. They tried to reach the pontoon boats but many were shot down in the droves. Devens was shot in the back while getting into a boat. His Aide tried to pull him aboard but the Colonel let go and vanished from sight. ER Burt, Confederate Colonel and commander of the 18th MS Inf, was hit by a stray bullet and mortally wounded.
Addison Hart-Host - Ball's Bluff and Belmont ended major action in 1861 and not until January 10th, 1862, would there be another KIA General!
Aldie - Hmmm...was Belmont on the retreat march to Appomattox?
Addison Hart-Host - OK, all. I'm turning in. Be sure to come back for Part 2 KIA Generals of '62 on Wednesady, the 26th, at 8 pm eastern!
Addison Hart-Host - I'm closing now. Night all!
Addison Hart-Host - Henry will be posting tonight's discussion on his page, so what you missed is there!
Henry-Moderator - Addison Hart-Host, Thank you for a great topic night! We look forward to your next one!
Addison Hart-Host - Thanks, all. It's been a good evening.
Addison Hart - Sorry all, I maen to say Wednesday the 26th! 'Night!
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