Slice lean boneless beef (such as brisket) into 1/8" strips, trimming fat. Cut with the grain for chewy jerky or across the grain for crumbly jerky. Lay strips on oven rack (use foil or pan underneath to catch drippings). Salt to taste. Dry in oven at lowest temperature (150 degrees), leaving door slightly ajar, for 8-12 hours. Turn several times for even drying. Taste test occasionally. For more seasoned flavor, marinate cut meat overnight in ingredients listed.

Civil War era cookbooks have no recipes for beef jerky, as far as we can find out anyway. We add this one in response to popular demand as being as close to authentic in ingredients and technique as is reasonably reproducible today. They DID have Worcestershire sauce in 1860, Lea & Perrins (tm) brand  as a matter of fact, but we cannot vouch for the soy sauce.