Ideas From Chat Room Visitors

FROM: Newyawk
Donate money to the US Grant birthplace for a project that is needed.
Whether it be giving trees, interpretive signs, restoring buildings, etc.
It would be worthwhile, because Henry admired US Grant greatly.
Again thank you so much,

FROM: Bluelady
I would like to place my vote for something to be done at shiloh. This is, of course,
there is anything we could do there. Maybe calcav could be of some help there.
Young henry was a fan of Grant and lived in the western front. As much as I like the Gettysburg tree
idea,for I would be able to get there for any dedication, I need to think of who HE was and not my own
self interest. I hope you receive more ideas.

FROM: Jim (Aka the Night Owl) Lamason
I would like to see us either do something at Shiloh which was one of his favorites. Unfortunately
I dont know what the specific needs are for that battlefield.

The other thought is to help with the replanting of Zieglars Grove at Gettysburg. I will confess that
GB is probably MY favorite field. So I admit to being some what bias! :-)
They will be replanting the grove when they tear down the old VC center and move the
Cyclorama! If we replant the trees at least there is as long term reminder to all of us, when ever
we go to the field Henry will be remembered!..

THere are two other matters.
One is to remember Irish as well as Blue lady suggested.
And we should ask Henrys Mom (and Dad?) if they have any suggestions...