Henry-Moderator - Good evening! How many of you have had strange experiences in the town of Gettysburg or on it's battlefields? How many of you have seen unexplainable lights, images or have gotten cold drafts on an otherwise warm night?
Henry-Moderator - Over the years we have heard many eye witness reports of many strange happenings in the little town of Gettysburg where so many men gave their lives for their country and what they believed in. Could this three day battle in July of 1863 leave many unsettled spirits or are these hundreds of accounts from some very prominent people be in the imagination of the eyewitnesses who have claimed to have experiences them? Many of these accounts have been given by doctors, nurses, lawyers and many others that have much to looses in their reputation by claiming to have encounters with the unknown.
radngatr - Henry, I think Scarlet has gotten cold drafts, but not necessarily at G' burg. lol
Brit - There are many strange and extra natural things in this world , I am a believer and I have encountered some
Digger - Henry, talk about the basement of Lutheran seminary!
Henry-Moderator - *At the end of the chat, everyone will have a chance to express their experiences.
Addison Hart - We began with the story of Job Slobson, a Union Private who accidentally shot himself by attempting to devour and sandwich and fight at the same time. To add to this, squirrels for no accountable reason started through nuts at him. His ghost is seen screaming at the squirrels with a full mouth and a gunshot in his chest....
Henry-Moderator - I hope tonight, by telling of some of these stories that we may shed a new light on this somewhat skeptical topic. The stories tonight are based on reports and encounters collected and written by the renown author Mark Nesbitt. If you are further interested in this topic, please look into purchasing some of Mr. Nesbitt's fine ghost writings. Presently, there are four of his ghost books available and soon to be released, book five. These books can be purchased directly from Mr. Nesbitt along with many other non ghost books from his quill at "Ghosts of Gettysburg", 271 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA. 17325 or you can drop by and purchase them from his office if you are in town. For his ghost tours from such tour guides as my friend Mollie Back, call 717-337-0445 or visit their web site at http://www.ghostsofgettysburg.com
Henry-Moderator - The official standing from the National Park Services in Gettysburg on the ghosts is there are not any, that any occurrences have logical explanations. How many of us have had cameras jam or malfunction or have had other electronic devices like cam corders fail while taking pictures or movies at the Peach Orchard, Wheat Field or the angle? Are these just coincidences or are they as unexplainable as the little bubbles we see or lights flares in otherwise normal pictures? Like any other statements given by our government, such as "I never inhaled", they should be questioned by all!
Addison Hart - The government never said it never inhaled, did it?
Scarlet - LOL at Henry, of course I never inhaled!
Henry-Moderator - Addison Hart, That was a quote from our president if you remember.
Digger - Talk about ghosts.....how come Crowbar doesn't show in the occupants list???
Addison Hart - Never inhaled in my life...Never..Never harmed me none...Nev...
Addison Hart - Henry-- Boy he must be an idiot. Course he inhaled.
Capt Speed - Henry, I took plenty of pictures at those spots and they are as normal as anywhere else.
Henry-Moderator - Digger, Strange things seem to be happening this week.........
Brit - I do believe in the spirits
Crowbar - OK Digger You got me now BOOOOOO
Henry-Moderator - My first story took place at the Codori Farmhouse located on Emmitsburg Road while it was occupied by the superintendent of the park and his family. The house is not far from the wall of Picketts Charge where 8,000 of the 12,000 brave confederates lost there lives in about 45 minutes. Many of the wounded made their way to the house either by help from their surviving comrades or under their own power. Not only the main house but the barn was filled with the wounded and dying. As men died, they were buried near the house and in the fields close by as space was needed.
Just Beth - Same here brit
Addison Hart - speed- I do belive in Ghosts, I also am a devout Christian.
Addison Hart - Oh no! I know this one!
Digger - Henry, don't you mean 8,000 casualties? No all of them were mortally wounded. Sorry to be so picky.
Henry-Moderator - You are right Digger! I meant to say casualties!
Henry-Moderator - One night, the superintendent and his wife went out for the evening and left their daughter home to do her school work. She was in the remodeled basement deep in study when the hour approached that her parents were due home. From up above she could hear footsteps moving about from one room to the next. Thinking it was her mom or dad she called out their name but got no response.
Henry-Moderator - She called again but no response was heard by her. She then slowly and quietly went up the basement stairs and headed for the phone which was not far from the top step. The girl now heard the footsteps above her on the second floor pacing the bedrooms. It must be a burglar or prowler looking for the families valuables she thought.
Henry-Moderator - She then quickly called the rangers office to request help. Not off the phone for a second, the footsteps started down the stairs from the upper floor. Too scared to do anything else, she scurried back down to the basement. She continued to listen to the footsteps above her head. Now! Not thirty seconds, she heard someone call her name from the top of the basement stairs. She was relieved to see that it was the Chief Ranger who got the call to check out the farm where his boss lived. As the Chief Ranger, he had keys to most of the parks buildings and farms.
newyawk - The chat tonight is on Ghosts of Gettysburg, most of us are interested init, if you are not then please keep your comments on PM's. Thank you!
Crowbar - NY, Thumbs up!
Henry-Moderator - She said "Did you see him?" "See who?" asked the ranger. "No, I did not see anyone" he replied. "But someone was up there just before you came to the stairs but in the other side of the house. Maybe he ran out the back door or jumped out a window?" By this time, two other rangers showed up to help out. They made a complete search of the house and found no one.
grumpy13 - Which ghosts are we talking about?
Digger - Old houses make lots of "noise".
Henry-Moderator - The windows were all closed and locked from the inside and the back door still had the security chain across it. The short time between when she last heard the footsteps and the ranger entering the house left no time for the prowler to escape through the front door without being seen. The backup rangers searched the outside of the house and could not find any evidence of forced entry. All four of them stood in the hall and just looked at each other in disbelief. He was here but how did he escape? Hmmm..............
Henry-Moderator - The End of #1
Digger - Could be that some of the footsteps she heard were the Rangers as they arrived?
Addison Hart - Ooooh! Maybe it was him!
CWgal - Oh Henry....
Addison Hart - Well it wasn't him.
sharimlt - spooky
Henry-Moderator - Digger, She heard them long before this, this is why she called for help
Digger - Dog or cat in the house?
Henry-Moderator - Digger, No pets in the house.
Addison Hart - Digger-- Doubt Dogs or Cats could do that.
Digger - Bats, birds, or squirrels in an attic can make an old house sound alive with people.
radngatr - Dogs and cats can certainly make thing go bump in the night, but not usaully with the pattern of footsteps.
Digger - My point is that old houses are usually poorly insulated, noise is "magnified".
Henry-Moderator - Over the years, since Gettysburg became a national park, many visitors from around the world have come to see where the battle took place and to tour the area. This one particular day, a group of dignitaries came for that very reason, to see the park where one of Americas civil war battles was fought for three days.
Henry-Moderator - After seeing much of the peach orchard and the angle they wandered into Devil's Den and then into Devil's Kitchen. Seeing the hill ahead of them and knowing it was Little Round Top, they decided to venture on a walk to the top to see how hard it must have been for the civil war soldier. Having made it to the top of the hill, they let their eyes veer out to the horizon. They were so lucky this particular day for they were able to catch the view of a reenactment going on below.
Addison Hart - CW gal-- The ghosts must like you.
Digger - Can I stand behind you, Gunner??
Addison Hart - Reenactment? I have a feeling that it wasn't a reenactment.
Addison Hart - Hmmm...reenactment with a guy who's head was blown off and a guy who was bayoneted clean through? Hmmm...
Addison Hart - Bluelady-- Get over here on this log with CW gal, Shari and I!
Henry-Moderator - For 15 minutes they watched the boys shoot their weapons and run about almost in a rage. Those boys fell so dramatically and realistically. Some even had blood sacks that would burst when they got hit and splatter blood all about. They witnessed some of the boys climbing the hill only to be shot and then tumble back down to the bottom. "Boy!" exclaimed one of the visitors, "I would not want to do reenacting for a hobby, too rough on the body!"
Digger - And the yankees were on the run? right?
Crowbar - Was he still walking without his head?
Addison Hart - Hmmm...Henry...guess it would be rough on the body when the scaks blew your head off and you had to jump backward down the Round Top.
Digger - Then what?????
Addison Hart - Then they rode the truck into the field in order to see what would happen when reenactors ran away in the middle of a reenactment, but the car just drove through 'em!
Henry-Moderator - Addison Hart, *clearing throat*
Henry-Moderator - They descended down the hill when the reenactment was over and headed back to the ranger station for an early lunch. Upon reaching the station and meeting up with the rest of their group, they commented to the ranger that the reenactment that took place below Little Round Top was just terrific! It was so nice that they came here to put on the show for us! The ranger looked up with a blank surprised look on his face and turned to a log book.
grumpy13 - Henry, I have to log off. Are you going to be having another discussion on Ghosts of Gettysburg?
Henry-Moderator - grumpy13, This chat willed be logged and on the site tomorrow.
Henry-Moderator - After a moment, he looked up with the same blank look and said "I do not know what you saw but we do not have any reenacters scheduled this weekend and there are not even any groups here visiting in uniform that would be big enough to be a regiment" Go Figure!
Addison Hart - Wonder if there were any ghost sightings during the Production of 'Gettysburg'.
Henry-Moderator - The End of #2
Addison Hart - HOR-ROR! HOR-ROR!
sharimlt - AH, I have heard that there was sightings during the movie's filming.
Addison Hart - All those guys! Those dumb dignitaries! Obviously never saw a reenactment before.
Henry-Moderator - "Her spirit is lost, looking for her lover"
Addison Hart - Hmmm...wonder what happened.
Henry-Moderator - We all have heard the story of how Jennie Wade lost her life on Baltimore Street while making bread for soldiers but there is an untold tale that starts previous to the war. Jennie had a life long lover even in her childhood by the name of Johnston Skelly. Most of the locals called him "Jack". This couple was very close and even though the war took Jack away from her, she stilled carried his picture close to her at all times in the pocket of her apron. During her work day, she would often look at the picture of her Jack and dreamed how they would be married someday on Jack's return from the war.
Addison Hart - Uh-oh! Not her!
Henry-Moderator - On the other side of town lived the Culp family who owned a large farm on the hill. Young Wesley worked near by for a carriage manufacturer that decided that business would be better in the Virginia area. So off went Wesley with his employer on a journey to Virginia and possibly a new financial start. Being new in town with his friends all at home, he joined the local militia. It was a civilian military organization much like the Elks or other clubs for men of today. Here he met many new acquaintances and had learned some drill and how to better use his firearm. When the war broke out, he dressed in his southern gray suit and later found himself in Winchester.
Addison Hart - Wesley! Got killed near Culp's Farm on July 3rd.
Henry-Moderator - Addison Hart, Are you trying to compete with me?????
CWgal - Dang Addison...stop getting ahead!!!!
Addison Hart - Hmmm..have a photo of him here.
Digger - Didn't Wesley Culp get wounded on July 2?
CWgal - Of course you do Addison!!!!!
Addison Hart - Nope.
Henry-Moderator - A small world as it may be, Jack found himself in Winchester also, wounded and sent to a rebel prison while in his blue uniform. There were a lot of friendly and familiar faces there of boyhood friends when he looked up and saw his friend Wesley. On his dying bed, Jack asked Wesley to take a message to his love, Jennie Wade, if he ever made it back to Gettysburg. Wesley agreed to comply with the last wishes of his friend.
bluelady - I won't say anything about Skelly, Henry
Addison Hart - Wow!
Addison Hart - Well that's amazing!
Digger - Skelly was mortally wounded at the battle of 2nd Winchester, when Ewell cleared the Yanks out of town, so they would pose no threat to Marse Robert's army as he marched north.
Henry-Moderator - As fate would have it, on July 3rd, 1863, Wesley Culp took a bullet on the hill bearing his families name, and lost forever, the note to be delivered to Jennie Wade. At this time, Jennie Wade was also laying dead in the cellar of her sisters rented home on Baltimore Street.
bluelady - This isn't a ghost story, It is true!
Henry-Moderator - bluelady, Most ghost stories have a basis of truth in them
bluelady - That is true Henry. Now drop the other shoe!
Crowbar - 10-4 Henry
Addison Hart - Bluelady-- Can't have a good ghost story without historical truth!
Henry-Moderator - Today, the cellar of the Jennie Wade house holds many tails of fate of its own. Many strange things have been experienced by visitors there.
Addison Hart - Here it comes!
bluelady - Oh I don't know. Some of the best stories I know are pure fiction but told as fact!
Henry-Moderator - There have been reports of people using video cameras in the cellar only to find that they recorded blank tape later or the cameras would not work at all. On a few occasions, people have claimed to see the chain around where Jennie's body was laid, to stiffen up like someone was pulling it from end to end.
Henry-Moderator - Others claim to have seen the chain swing in the breeze even though no breeze was present. It is said that the spirit of Jennie's father is also sometimes present in the cellar. He was never able to mourn his daughter's death properly since he was locked away in an asylum called the Alms House after serving two years in prison for larceny. How this prison term twisted his mind.
bluelady - Ah The other shoe!
Henry-Moderator - The End of #3
Addison Hart - My poor weak heart!
Henry-Moderator - Eight miles outside of Gettysburg on route 30 at the base of South Mountain, lies an inn known as the "Cashtown Inn". It got its name because the innkeeper gave no credit and only took cash in lieu of payment for lodging, food and spirits, not necessarily the ones the customer had in mind either.
Scarlet - LOL, right Addison, hushup child,lol
Henry-Moderator - Many guests have checked in but it seems that some never checked out. During the war, many soldiers passed through this inn looking for refuge or used it as a meeting place to discuss the current affairs of the present unpleasantness. Much activity took place here on June, 30th, 1863, the night just before the Gettysburg fight.
Henry-Moderator - Such men as Robert E. Lee, A.P. Hill and Henry Heath were known to visit the inn with their aids and subordinate officers. It was decided here that the battle would begin the next day in Gettysburg. Within the walls of the inn these plans were discussed while the bartender was serving up the food and fine spirits for the men.
bluelady - you tell him scarlet! LOL
Scarlet - LOL, have four of my own and many adopted, lol bluelady
Henry-Moderator - The first sightings at the inn happened several decades ago. One of the first sightings was reported from a young boy who was nine years old at the time and lived at the house when it was still a stopover type of tavern, like the "Dew Drop Inn" I suppose.
Addison Hart - Young...gulp...boy?
Henry-Moderator - Addison Hart, Yes, you are only a boy till you are 18
CWgal - Oh that's right ladies...Addison had a birthday...he's MAN now!!!!
radngatr - Scarlet, you got any huspuppies to give him. lol
Henry-Moderator - He was confronted one evening by a guest who inquired in a startled voice "Who was that man in the old gray tattered uniform, he was here but when I went to reach for my drink, he just vanished!" The young boy replied "Oh, he is okay, we see him from time to time. A bit shocked, the man hastily returned to his room to retire for the evening.
Henry-Moderator - One of the spirits at the inn seems to be very well organized. He must have been a neat freak in his past life. When things were put into storage in the attic, footsteps are heard sometimes at night and boxes and things being moved around. In the morning upon inspection of the attic, it is found that the items placed there the day before are rearranged.
Addison Hart - The ghost of Hercule Poirot no doubt.
bluelady - Henry, That spirit can come to my home anytime!
Henry-Moderator - Today, the inn is owned by Charles "Bud" Buckley and his wife Carolyn. Guests still have strange experiences while staying there. A well known author spent a night there and during the night heard three loud knocks on the door, the third bringing him to a full awake state. When he got up to answer the door, no one was there, just an empty hallway.
Addison Hart - Bluelady-- LOL
Crowbar - To rearrang your attic. blue
Henry-Moderator - A few years ago, a local convention in Gettysburg brought two farmers to the inn for the night. It was a warm summer night and they had the air conditioner on. During the night when they got warm and uncomfortable, they woke to find the air conditioner unplugged even though their room was locked during the night from the inside.
bluelady - no crowbar, to rearrange my house!
Henry-Moderator - Another fellow at a different time, came downstairs to check out of the inn and asked if it was their policy to pack their guests' bags while they were sleeping? Bud replied "No, we would never go in your room while our guests were sleeping." The surprised guest shrugged and said that he found his suitcase all packed and standing by the door of his room when he woke.
Addison Hart - Hercule Poirot's ghost strikes again!
Henry-Moderator - Room four seems to be the room that has the most activity. This is a favorite place for the confederate soldier to make an appearance. Many a guest has reported strange noises in the night such as rapping on the door or walls, footsteps and sometimes the sound of horses outside their window late in the night but when they looked out the window, nothing could be seen but the night air.
Henry-Moderator - The most spiritual activity seems to take place at the end of June when the summer is young and the nights are warm and are filled with sounds from the unknown. Anyone care to join me there for a nights stay? It may have a lot more entertainment that motel 6!
Henry-Moderator - The End of #4
Addison Hart - Henry-- Uhhhhh...No.
Aldie - Where is this, Henry?
bluelady - Or a holiday inn!
Henry-Moderator - Cashtown Inn Aldie
Henry-Moderator - The next and last story is true but not of the spiritual nature. I have a neighbor who is also interested in the ghosts of Gettysburg. This past summer Tom, Diane and their 16 year old son Jason went to Gettysburg for their first time. Having an interest in the supernatural, they decided to stay at the Farnsworth house.
Vickie - Id like to stay there but I sure wouldnt sleep!
Addison Hart - No...Not that place!
Aldie - I've been there once.
Henry-Moderator - While at dinner, Tom excused himself to go to the lavatory. Tom actually used the excuse to sneak up to Jason's room. When Tom got there, he decided it only right to have a fun with his son so he moved Jason's luggage to the other side of the room from where Jason had left it.
Henry-Moderator - When dinner was over, they went back to their separate rooms. Within 20 seconds, Jason came bursting into Tom and Diane's room asking if either one of them came into his room and moved his luggage. Diane, not knowing what Tom did replied "Why would we do that?" Jason went back to his room with a puzzled look on his face not knowing his dad had a key.
Addison Hart - So innocent at first...
sharimlt - I'll stay there
Henry-Moderator - In the morning the family woke early to go out on the battlefields. When Tom went next door to his son's room, he found all the lights on and Jason curled up on the chair with both feet tucked under him and the blanket pulled up around his neck. To this day, Jason thinks he was visited that day by the unknown but we now know who really visited him, a strange father with the same sense of humor as I!
Henry-Moderator - The End! Have a great Halloween folks and when you hears things go bump in the night, just roll over and go back to sleep!
sharimlt - Thanks Henry for the great stories!!
bluelady - Thanks Henry!
Addison Hart - Henry--- Horrifying ending.
Vickie - thanks for the stories Henry!
Crowbar - Great Henry!
Digger - Thanks, Henry.
radngatr - Henry, I hope they roll the right way and don't cause another bump in the night. lol
chaser - Thanks Henry. Great as usual!
Addison Hart - LOL-- Radngatr!
CWgal - thanks Henry..that was great!!!!!
radngatr - Good show, Henry.
bluelady - Oh I like that one Henry!
Crowbar - alright Henry
bluelady - Oh MY! Jack Skelly is looking for Jennie!
CWgal - LOL!!!! Henry...you are the man!!!!
Addison Hart - Ah! The JOKER!