How To Help Keep The Chat Room Open!

This site and chatroom first went on line in September of 1999. It was started due to our love of the civil war and the many lives that were sacrificed. The site started out small but slowly grew with the features that we added for our users such as the forums, civil war postcard post office and of course the chat room. The cost of the site can be expensive at times between line charges, servers, hardware upgrades, domain names, software upgrades and add ons like the forum. This does not count the hundreds of hours working with the site in the past 2 years.

In the beginning, we promised to always make the site and chat room free and that is not going to change. What we are asking for though is that if you enjoy the site and chat room to please consider a small donation. For as little as 10 cents a day or $36 a year, You can make a difference! This is only an example but all donations will be much appreciated and will be used to keep the site going. We have had offers in the past but were unable to process charge cards until PayPay came along.
If you do not have a Mastercard or Visa credit card, we can make other arrangements. Please remember there is NO obligation!
Thank you for your time and donations in advance!

To make a donation using Mastercard or Visa, Please click on the button below................