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Posted By: on: 01/07/2001 04:33:57 EST
Subject: RE: (You have NO idea or how to cope with moldy stale coffee and wormy hardtack!!

Message Detail:
Shotgun, this is a GREAT website. I really like the chat room - they are a little strange at times, but a nice type of strange, like funny. Where (or who) is Henry? Again, thanks for this website.

Strange? STRANGE? Funny? lemme gives ye strange!...... how many grown men does ye knows of thet a-goes a runnin abouts on a hot steamy stinky slow-movin Ironplated underpowered city-class gunboat in a wool uni-form whilst standing in front of a coal dust covered boiler shoveling number II coal while making a battery run against Secesh gunworks on a rain swept bitter- cold December night with a cotton bale loaded river barge strapped onta the portside sick as heck chaw juice all over the front of his wool vest a porcelin "jug" sliding back and forth on a blood stained all teakwood plank deck not knowin whether the Rebs has put out their Infernal Machines(mines) that could take you and your crew down to the deep with a good explosion on yer bow or longsides yer hull and...after all that ... still go on day patrol against Confederate held river ports along with earthern works floatin battery positions yer unwashed hungry tired The coffee..tis most bitter.the wind chill factor brutal and its got the crew battenin down hatch and gunport covers Reb snipers trying ta picks ye and yer deck howitzer gun crew off... yer hundreds o' miles deep into hostile Southern waters far from friendly supplies depots and reenforcements you hardly hold the river's banks ports and towns much less the fortifications that are all about......Johnny has throwed up at ya a flotilla of his own with powerful rams to boot .......your flotilla in crewed by green-horn Infantry and Artillery troops ..don't knows a thing bouts Navy life or Navy discipline or fightin aboard a boat and YET still that man finds in his heart no somehow Yankee Woman that man finds it deep in his very soul ! The strength to stand up on a broken ships rail(cannon fire) and shout I LOVE this I need more of it....THATS STRANGE So my fine stout Yankee lass...... Go Union Navy Go with the Western Theatre of Naval Operations go West Yankee Woman see the Elephant on a grand scale.... see the real Civil War see where the Civil War wuz really won, on a strategic scale... Vicksburg ! Island Number 10 !Memphis! Perryville Nashville Franklin Chatanooga Chickamauga SHILOH! Galveston! Mobile! New Orleans!!!!Forts Donolson and Henry Fort Hindman The Cracker Line Misssionary Mountain Corith Stones River Sacramento
Go with the Ironplated stout hearted Ironclad Flotilla!!!!!!
Yankee Woman come to the Civil War as you have never dreamt of it ...........IN THE WEST!
Your Strange but most Obedient and Faithful Servant Ironclad

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