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Posted By: on: 01/03/2001 16:54:57 EST
Subject: RE: War is heck can ya pass them Union Marshmellows (An Interesting E-Mail)

Message Detail:
Well it would seem that the ak-47 totin hot blood on da brain grenade tossin Phd donno hows ta read that there clause in the ole Freedom sheet(Constitution) bout the fact that we indeed have the right ta bear grand=paws ole blunderbuss seems also this pie-eyed "run to the hills" unchilled chowderhead gots to believe that the ole good-ole boys wants to go goose steppin about in kraut boots and fly the hooked cross flagg well the only thing ah seen them Southern boys high-steppin around is the dookie that ya find down on the farm or ole Shotgun be a shovellin out his barn when on extra-duty cause he got caught by the Provost out back of camp with that proverbial "jug" fer as flags go the 'onlist flag thet will wave with pride is that there ole Star and Bars we may be North and South thought wise belief wise ..but we don't take kindly ta Nazi wussys and rabid racist dawgs in need o that dis-temper shot...... We may dis-agree' bout the CW(who won who lost) but TOGETHER we all agree to be AMERICANS!..first! So Mr.Phd remember the ole sayin ye may be ed-u-ma-cated but thou art "educated" beyond yer common sense intelligence.. So Mr Phd...Pull yer breeches back up and stop showin yer family portrait ..son!

Not allof us "kraut eaters" feel the way of the gentleman who E-Mailed Shotgun How would ya like if I called you all A patch eyed pirate ya old buckaneer? your pal Baron vonTecumseh

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