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Posted By: on: 09/15/2000 14:13:36 EDT
Subject: RE: Worst Reenacting Moment!

Message Detail:
First the event was not well marked on the main road, once you got on the raod the evnet was on it was marked. Once at registration they did not what was going on. They had not schedule of events there. I got there about 10 a.m. and could not set up camp until the evening because no one had laid out the union camp as to where unit were to be. When we finally got setup, the field that we were camped was covered in poison ivy. My parents went to this event and were going to stay in modern camping and no one seemed to know where that was except it was in the Farm Show parking lot. We knew that there was to be different speakers on various subjects, but no idea where. They shorten the parade best of the heat. They didn't tell folks that had setup to watch the parade on the cut of part of the parade. Finally on Saturday afternoon an event schedule was given out, nothing like shutin the barn door after the horse is out. There were 2 good things that happened at the event, the ironclad were not bad and Friday and Saturday evening sitting around the fire. I was one the raod by about 9 sunday morning. That is the earliest I have ever left an event. We just have to get out of there casue it just was that bad. Sunday morning looked like Moses leading his poeple out of Eygpt, it was a mass exodus.

Until Next Time

Was this in Harrisburg, PA???

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