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Posted By: on: 09/14/2000 20:29:03 EDT
Subject: RE: Worst Reenacting Moment!

Message Detail:
Hi JR,

I'll put my two cents in if I can figger this darned contraption out.

One of my worst reenacting moments came at my last event this year at Ft. Stevens. During the last day's AM battle, my unit was ordered to protect the guns on the flank with both dismounted and mounted. Our dismounted boys were in skirmish formation a good distance in front of the battery when a company of the enemy moved up on them, the enemy did some firing but took no hits. My boys moved back, some took hits and were left where they lay, others retreated, including the wounded. Again we went through the same scenario but this time the enemy kept marching forward, shooting in volley and by file, more of my men took hits and were wounded and the bullet-proof enemy kept on marching forward. My men withdrew to the cannon battery hubs and on line again, carbines blazing along with our mounted men who moved forward. Firing again, one man in the enemy line went down but his officer told him to get up and dress the line, not to take hits. By this time my boys were ticked off. We had outnumbered them 2 to 1 initially but now we were just a handful.

Hearing what the officer told the soldier who took a hit and seeing them reforming with their backs to us my sergeant rode to the officer and demanded his surrender at gunpoint. This officer walked around my sgts horse and was asked by him where he was going. His reply was "Where ever the H*** I want to!"

Well the scenario went on like this the whole battle, and I can get pretty long-winded when wound up about it but the audience was treated to a brand of reenacting that is all too common with some.

I complained to the Brigade and found out by another reenactor that the men had been ordered by their brigade commander not to react to my cavalry. When I asked why, he said because we had put a battleflag on the Union camps flagpole!

Well, I was mad, something I don't usually get. We never did such a thing. No one had even checked to see if we did! The public was treated to a display of childish actions on a rumor that was unfounded instead of a battle that was honoring our ancestors and teaching history.

I am still disappointed and awaiting an apology. Other than that one battle, the event was a winner in every respect.



I do respect that, pard. I've heard similar from many in attendance. But why was it so bad, and what particular moment made it that way? I'm not meaning to pry, but I am just trying to generate some interest and get some others to chime in and participate.

Henry has given us a golden opportunity here, a forum where we can talk about or obsession, without having people nag on us because our thread count is off, or we snuck away to the food vendors and had a Coke during an event, etc. Let's make the most of it!

Thanks, Henry, and let's hear some tall tales/good event stories (or bad) from the rest of you.


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