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Posted By: on: 09/11/2000 21:16:23 EDT
Subject: Ok, so we've got the best,...

Message Detail:
...and we've got some of the worst, and in a certain case, one of the most embarrassing, out of the way. Let's try one more angle. How about the most humorous?

Could it be the officer at New Market a few years ago who climbed up on his horse, and had the saddle slip on he as he started off and rolled over, almost completely under his horse? Or, Or the Union line at a small, local event, going to 'charge bayonets' in a tactical, and making a superb advance across a field at the enemy hidden in the woods who it turned out was their own relief column? While they got the mess sorted out, they were ambushed by the Confeds., and the judges voted them as being literally destroyed.

In my case, it has to be at a local event a few years ago during the Saturday morning tactical. The objective was to find ten gold bars hidden in the woods and safely deliver them to the judges.

So, I go out scouting, and in my dumb luck, manage to find seven gold bars, which I carefully hide in my boots. I am only armed with two revolvers. As I'm walking back toward the judging area, I run into two civilain women, one of whom is sitting on a camp stool. As we are talking, I recognize the voice of the Union commander coming closer. There is nowhere to hide, and I don't want to get caught and lose the gold, so I ask the woman, who I have never met before and never seen since, "Excuse me, Ma'am, but with all due respect, are you properly attired under that hoops skirt?"

Of course, she responds, "I beg your pardon!"

So, I ask again, telling her there is a good reason. She says she is, so I go under her skirt and hide. I'm there, revolvers in hand, and I hear the Union troops coming. This poor woman is so upset she can hardly talk. The Union commander gets close enough that I can see his shoelaces. To their credit, though, the women never give me away. I stay 'down under' until they leave, and come out. The woman is still too surprised and upset to say anything, so I leave and go on my way.

Pt.II will follow shortly. Yes, there is more. :-)


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