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Posted By: on: 09/11/2000 20:59:39 EDT
Subject: RE: Role playing

Message Detail:
Lift up your skirt and show a little ankle. It's amazing the effect that something like that has on us boys who've been in the field for so long. :-)

Seriously, the only thing I can think of is word of mouth. Let the guys know what you are doing and ask for their help. Also, let some who have come over spread the word to their pards.

I sometimes role play to get the spectators involved, but I haven't done it in awhile. I have a letter I have copied almost verbatim, making only the necessary changes to suit me, written by a wife to her husband during the war. It tells of the Yankee cavalry coming through on a foraging trek and liberating supplies from the locals. They literally took almost everything she had. She tells of pleading with them to leave the cow so she had milk for her children, and to leave the old, broken down plow horse so that she can at least get a crop in, but they take it all. It is a very sad letter.

Anyway, what I do is I have this letter in an envelope and go sit by myself in total view of all the spectators. Without fail, someone will see me looking so sad, and looking at the letter, and I usually give thme a very puzzled look. When they ask what is wrong, I tell them that we had mail call, and that I know it is a letter from my wife, because I recognize the name, but that I cannot read, and ask if one of them would read it for me. Usually, about half way through, the person reading the letter cries, or at least gets very sad. Then, I break character and tell them that what they have read was based on a true letter and ask them to imagine, not only being home alone and having that happen, but being a tired, starving soldier in the field, who's only pleasant thoughts are his family, and think of how demoralizing it would have been to have received such a letter. Works every time! People have the horror brought to them on a more personal level, and I feel they go away with a much better understanding, not only of army life, but of life on the homefront in occupied territory as well.


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