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Posted By: on: 09/10/2000 00:52:07 EDT
Subject: Worst Reenacting Moment!

Message Detail:

We discussed what were possibly some of the best, or 'most magical moments' that some of us have had at events. It seems we all look for different things at events, and we usually find them when we least expect it.

Now, I ask, "What is the worst moment at an event you have ever had?" I'm sure there are some good ones out the waiting to be told. I'm asking this not only to reenactors, but to the spectators as well. What are some of the worst things you have seen? Blown scenarios? The company of leather, Harley Davidson style, kepi-wearing Confeds. at the 135th Gettysburg? The endless rainstorms at Cedar Creek a few years ago? The dead rats floating on the reenactment battlefield of the 'Real Fury of Gettysburg' a few years ago? Let's hear 'em all!

Mine is without a doubt the Sunday battle at this year's Hale Farm event in central Ohio this August, though there have been other bad ones.. It seems the Confederate commander was a bit p-o'ed about some things that happened in Saturday's battle, even though he won big, so he promised to get even on Sun. So, for an hour and a half, he drilled his men, not on military maneuvers or tactics, but on where they would take hits. His words were, "Either you take your hit where and when I say, or you are out of the event."

So, they massed for the assault, fired two volleys from 250 yds. away, and then began their advance. Confeds. were going down in mass, even when no one was firing at them. The assault lasted four minutes, with about 80% casualties. After the infantry assault was easily repulsed, the Union right wing went after the one Confederate gun that stayed in action, and the Confed. commander took exception to this, had his casualties resurrect, and walked off the field. No taps, no salute, or anything. Then, a group of Confederates had the nerve to ask later on, "How come no Yankees took hits?" Duh! We were never fired upon. Oh, yes, this was my first event wearing a blue uniform, and I'm glad I did. I'd have hung my head in shame if I were on the other side of the line in this one.

Spectators actually paid $9.50 to watch this, and most of them missed it, because it was over before they even realized it had begun. With the artillery, the whole battle lasted 9 minutes. I usually fire at least 35-40 rounds in battle. This time, I fired 6! 'Nuff said right there, I guess! LOL


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