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Posted By: on: 09/08/2000 14:11:45 EDT
Subject: Okay, advice from the old salts...

Message Detail:
Howdy Folks!

A question for you reenactor types, which I hope you will forgive, if it comes across as too stupid. However, I feel it's better to ask than to err... I posted this on another forum, but thought I would ask my compadres here, as well! :-)

My question is, is it possible, recommended, or even desirable for one to attempt to create a "generic Confederate" kit? I AM working with my unit commander and pards on getting together the CORRECT uniform and things for the impression our unit actually does. (An SC sharpshooter's company.) Please rest assured that I am picking the brains of my elder pards in the hobby, to hopefully avoid the worst mistakes of fresh fish such as myself. Buy once, buy smart is the advice I hear time and again, to which I firmly adhere.

However, it crosses my mind to wonder if it is even done, for one to have the extra coat, trowsers, whatever, that might allow one to appear a plain ol' nondescript Confederate private, of no particular origins? By this I mean a plain sack coat, perhaps some plain trowsers, simple items that could perhaps be mixed with the "correct" uniform parts I will have.

The REASON I ask this is simply in light of those times, when one might go to an out-of-area event as an individual, if your own unit as a whole can't schedule a representative appearance. If one is thus falling in with another outfit, it occurs to me that the "look" of one's particular impression might not match that of the other fellas, and it would seem better to appear inconspicuous, than out of place. I realize this may sound rediculous, but I feel I should ask. There are some highly knowledgable folks here, and I trust you to give me the straight scoop.

IF it would be possible or recommended to put together such a plain-Jane setup, can anyone recommend off-the-shelf sources for simple items such as a sack coat or trowsers? Are there any sutlers from whom I could buy such items, ready made, that are of acceptable quality and price?

If anyone can offer advice in this matter, I would be much obliged. And if the concensus is that it's a dumb idea, no problem, I'll abandon the thought. But I do want to ask, and hear what folks have to say.

Thank you for your time and knowledge. With best regards, I am,


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