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Posted By: on: 09/05/2000 00:11:41 EDT
Subject: RE: Special reenacting Moment

Message Detail:
Thanks pard,

For sharing that with us. I also enjoy reading what moments others have had. We all can learn so much from each other, seeing things from different perspectives, ideals, and so forth. I see things from a different perspective than Miss Moore, and she things differently from NY and so forth, not only because what we do is different, but because of age differences, etc.

As with everything, there are certain moments I'd like to preserve and live over and over again, certain times that it was so real and scary that I'd almost like to forget them, and of course, I do have things that are 'my own special moments', small, seemingly insignificant times that I have had certain feelings or emotions so powerful or intense that I have kept them as mine, not out of spite or selfishness, but because I don't think others would truly appreciate the significance as I did. Sort of some of those, "You had to be there to appreciate it" kind of times.

Apparently one thing we all do share is a great respect for those we try to represent and honor, while at the same time, we value the opportunity to do something we truly enjoy and love doing.


Thanks, NY... I think that's a big part of why we do this... to feel that something, even if only for a second, that gives us a feeling we can look back to and live over and over. That's why I need to do more, to get my heart pumping, step back in time. No one really knows what it's like, until you get a mouthful of powder, watch the muzzle blasts in your direction, and get truly scared for your own life.

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