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Posted By: on: 08/25/2000 15:53:48 EDT
Subject: RE: A Challenge to Col. Devin!

Message Detail:
For those of you who may not know, Col. Devin's evil identical twin brother went into battle this weekend for the first time. He wore they grey jacket of a Confederate cavalry trooper and came face to face, at very close range with a group of Union infantry (1st Lt. JR also got his first taste of command and has mixed feelings about it, as noted below).

So, Col. I challenge you! Please relate your feelings and descriptions of the event and your time on the field to the good folks here in camp. I'm sure they are eager to read what you have to say, as am I!


Hey Lt. JR!
Well, first I didn't have any idea what was coming. I think a lot of spectators at these kind of events think it's mostly a bunch of grown men acting like kids, shooting guns at each other. I knew that wasn't the case of course, but I was amazed at what I felt and learned.
I was surprised at how my hands started shaking when the shooting started. Although our battle was very small, it's amazing kneeling there in the grass, seeing a line of bluecoats facing you with muskets. There was an officer behind them, waving his sword. Although we were together in a line, I was amazed at how alone I felt too. Almost like everyone was aiming at me... I felt an overwhelming sense of survival, but also protection for my pards. Never once did I feel like running. And at no time, never, was I aware of any of the folks watching us. In fact, after it was all over, it was then that I notice the crowd, quite a few gathered around (1000 maybe?) and I though "Holy sh*t, I never saw them." But I was amazed at how I had to keep catching myself during the fighting, telling myself it wasn't real, because I expected to actually hear the bullets whizzing by. When the cannons went off, I actually felt good about it... like we were being helped or something. It was then that the teamwork kicked in... it seemed as though we were all dependant on each other. When our line finally got pushed back into our guns, Lt. JR had been captured, and I was the oldest one in line and took charge a bit. We started protecting our artillery, and I actually felt bad that they, and we, got captured.
All in all, an incredible feeling I'll never forget... my first battle! Very small compared to what many have been through, of course, but now I want more! And can't wait to do it! JR, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the experience, and can't wait until the next time we're on the line together! (Kinda like this Reb stuff too...) :-)
Col. Thos C. Devin (Federal Cavalry)
Unknown Confederate Private!

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