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Posted By: on: 08/24/2000 23:39:30 EDT
Subject: RE: Magic Moments;

Message Detail:
Well, Miss Moore and I, in a posting below, have told of those special moments, that seem so realistic that we almost feel we are there in reality and not just at a reenactment, or a truly 'magic moment, where you actually feel you seeing history being made or participating in it, that you truly are watching a small part of what really occurred. Most often, these moments come when they are least expected, and more often than not, they do not occur in the actual battle, as there is too much going on, too much chaos and confusion to really concentrate on everything around you (I guess this is somewhat of a magic moment in itself, because I have often heard veterans describe battle as sheer chaos, and that their only concentration is on what's going on around them and how they will be affected by it).

Certain moments stand out. I have had two really magic moments in six years, where I did feel I was there, and I have had several special moments, where it almost seemed as if I could have been there.

A question, not only to reenactors but to spectators as well, have you ever been to an event and had one of these special or magic moments, where things on the field or in camp seemed just right? If so, please share the moments with the rest of us.


Hi folks,

Last summer while visiting my sister in law in Cape may there was an Arty Battery demostrating at Cold Spring village.
They had a napolean and a Parrot which they fired both.
What came to mind, if one gun was thought LOUD, what must have over 150 sounded like just before Picketts Charge? And then a chill ran down my spine, and I thought all those involved in the charge, went marching into the teeth of how many of these? Lined up to have a kill zone and interlocking fire! How did they summon the courage to do it?



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