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Posted By: on: 08/22/2000 00:40:00 EDT
Subject: Yanks and Rebs; Friends and Foes

Message Detail:
For those of you who know me, you will know that I am a Confederate reenactor, and have been a diehard Reb for the last five years, vowing never to wear the blue or fight for the Union.

Well, two weekends ago, I decided to see how the other half lives for a day in battle, and it was quite an experience, I must say. I have a revived interest in what was becoming a stale hobby and had a most interesting day.

I arrived in camp in blue an headed for the camp of the 150th Pa. regiment, the bucktails, good friends of mine and a most excellent unit. In passing through the camps, many friends saw me and did a double take in almost disbelief. They would probably have made less of a fuss over this situation if had I been naked, as I definitely drew a lot of attention, but oh well.

After spending the morning in camp, we formed for battle, and as we got on the field, things seemed very weird for me. We lined up, had weapons inspected, and then stood down in the shade in preparation for the 'ball.'

All the time as we were standing there, I was feeling very strange. I kept looking around, looking up and down the line, etc. I was feeling a bit apprehensive, and when folks, who sensed something was wrong, asked me what the problem was, I replied, "Well, I ain't used to bein' this close to you guys. Usually when I am, it's because I really screwed up." They laughed, but I was serious.

In this five hour period, I learned more about this hobby in general and the other side in particular than I had in any time before. The feeling being in the Union line was eerie, almost undescribable, but it was a good feeling. I'm glad I did it, and who knows, I may even give it a shot again in the future.


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