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Posted By: on: 08/12/2000 18:32:48 EDT
Subject: Camp Protocol..Written By Clifford G.Manasco

Message Detail:
Signal Corps Camp of Instruction written by Mr.Clifford G. Manasco ...... A United States Army Signal Corps Museum Publication..Ft Gordon Ga.


After limited success with my points on social graces. I compelled to offer education and a better chance for survival to those folks who frequent and at times infest,our camps and gatherings,especially during relaxed hours when military protocols are not so rigidly enforced. I recognize that those in most dire need of my aid will,in most likelihood,be those least probably to recognize or understand what is suggested and at least impliedly threatened. I intend to advise of the prohibitions and in a few cases,give directions along the possible and probable consequences of failure to abide by these most elementary courtesies of conduct. In no particular order of importance,they are:

1. Do not enter into, or interrupt any meeting,gathering,or camp discussion without some invitation by those so engaged,lest you be assailed with increasingly pointed,barbed,possibly unsavory comments about you, your parentage,and your value to the world in general,not to mention your lack of manners and wisdom.

2. If permitted into a camp, do not presume to sit upon any chair,stool,bench.or similar object that you did not bring, unless it has been specifically offered, as a not emplace your own sit upon unless invited. Otherwise, at best you will be asked, to your chagrin,to leave, at worst you will get knocked off.

3. Do not pick up,handle,fondle,or criticize any object,especially someone else's camp unless it is yours,lest it, or some other weapon, including a vicious tongue, be turned upon you for your lack of manners and couth.

4. Unless you are starving, do not come into a camp without your own foodstuffs. Do not help yourself to other's. Do not beg, either in words,appearence or deeds (albeit some people are so pitiful looking, that they should just stay away altogether, especially at eating time) To violate this lends you to being a considered a begger, moocher and mongrel.

5. If you must smoke or chaw, do not place any of your filthy spit or butts in or about any one else's camp,tent,chair,fire or pathways there to, lest you be subject to wearing it, eating it and being reviled for your disgusting habits.

6. Do not open or enter a tent or personal cubicle without specific inquiry and invite, lest you be mooned,assaulted, or otherwise seriously embarrassed for it.

7. No matter how expert you are, do not interpose or inflict your expertise on anyone unless they so unwisely ask for it. Never,ever interrupt a demonstration,explanation,lecture or talk with your expert opinion, lest you be told what is thought of you, be asked to shove it;be asked to leave; be told where to go; or be insulted, and be too stupid to realize it in front of the other people.

8. Do not wise off, interject humor, or be smart assed at assemble,drill, or in front of visitors,or otherwise inappropriately,lest someone better at it (like me) resoundingly tear you to shreds,and demonstrate just what a pitiful wretch you are, to all those within earshot.

9. Do not insult,overly criticize,bad mouth or belittle someone( not deserving of it) in the service, especially behind their back, unless you are willing to face them at sometime and stand up for yourself. Do not whine and snivel when caught; take your beating like a man,except that a man would have confronted the person directly in the first place, and would have beaten or been beaten at the time.

10. Do not say that you can do something better than someone doing it. Do it better; show them how, but be prepared to be chastised and mortified if you can not do it better.

11. Do not go to an event helpless and unprepared to eat,sleep,drill.etc.,expecting others to give,help,and do it for you. It may have worked in the past, but not now. Come without, do without.

12. NEVER,but never, run afoul of a judge,no matter how a-typical he may seem.always remember that if you wish to maintain a healthy semi-prosperous life, always, always,respect not only your elders,but always, your betters. A judge, with a gun and a grudge is a terrible thing to behold. Like an elephant, a judge never forgets; like a Yankee, a judge never forgives.

13. Do not apply current morals or ethics to our camp lest you forget that we are trying to live in a more cultured,proper,and sophisticated society at war and willing to kill for what we believe in is right! Tread softly around our camp.

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