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Posted By: on: 08/10/2000 21:09:50 EDT
Subject: The Golden Peacock

Message Detail:
Tis a creature who inhabits the Civil War events field they be called the Golden Peacock usually they can be spotted at a long distance they be the fellow who wears a generals uniform with massive non-regulation "presentation" sword, brass epaulets, shiny cavalier boots.. spurs even!
The fellow (peacock) looks for all intent and purpose as fit an officer as one kin look like... but does he know anything bout the war? .. ....Well! hhmmm I see, well, what do you know bout the units you are in command of? nothin..blink blink - blank glazed stare.. um, well, they are soldiers ..oh? I see that they are soldiers are they heavy infantry? Are they part of a corps or are they at division level or is this a regiment? .Um, I dunno just got here this mornin and spent four hours gittin inta me general's uniform cause I wanna be in charge and give orders.. but.. so far not really sure who all them soldiers belongs to.. mebbe them officers over there kin take of the yelling and all...How about the NCOS doing the yellin? Er, what are NCOS? Only officers like me gives orders around here..right?? ..All I know is I am a great general here to lead these folks into battle!! ..Ok, what was the name of the Corps commanders and their overall commanding general both sides(Union/Confederate)for this particular battle? What units were involved on this part of the battlefield? ..Um, dunno not really sure.. I guess I needs to read up on this battle here* nervous laugh* ..alls I know is the rebs and yankees fought here guess the yanks won? Look here, I'm gonna go walk around(looking at his FARB 20th Century era Rolex wrist watch) and talk to the lady reenactors and show em my silk sash and silver plated sword (tryin to wink at me)... I got outta of the pawn shop..I dunno much bout the Civil War. But I like a-comin here an' being a general..makes ME look good y'know .I ain't worried bout getting involved in learning bout drills or unit history or contributing to the preservation of this battlefield...thats someone else's problem! I'm just here to look good and show off my neat general's uniform...As the "peacock" walked away... I stood there with my personal Civil War Note book under my arms..slowly,slowly, shaking my head side to side........
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