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Posted By: on: 08/10/2000 08:53:37 EDT
Subject: RE: Confederate Dollars and hung over in a rifle pit

Message Detail:
One area that I would like to see the reenactment participants cover in here is the cost of uniforms and equipment..That seems to be the main topic of discussion anymore at a lot of living history camps and events.. the equipment alone can break a budget or two

Here are other neat reenactment topics" for ye all to chew yer chaw on:

Logistics: travel to and from events food "watering holes" a place to sleep bed and breakfasts that would be good info to toss about in here as well

Independents-Hard-Cores- Regular Units whats the difference??

Should one wash his wool uniform after six months of reenactment events or leave it dirty for the "authentic" look.and other.F.A.R.B. stories

Women reenactors: hoop skirted babes or hard line pistol packin cigar smokin "on the field" camp follower?
what are their choices..

Sanitary Commision Signal Corps Medical Corps Mule Skinners Sutlers ..specialized impressions do we really need them ??

Too many generals not enough privates are we being overwhelmed with too many" pompus peacocks" at CW events?? Everybody can't be the hero!

Porta Potties do we really need em?? to the mess tent ....LOL!!! hee hee hee you all being in the infantry figure that one out ... LOL

Your Faithful and Obedient Servant Ironclad!!!

I have a pair of brogans I bought in 79 and still wear at events. Also the same canteen,leather and haversack. Only thing I have had to replace is my coat and pants. Darn things shrink every other year or so. Or could I be at the mess tent too often??????????

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