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Posted By: on: 01/13/2001 13:17:56 EST
Subject: RE: doing yer reenactin stuff with the wool and cotton fluff

Message Detail:
Ironclad and all,
I have posted on the web an article about Richmond Depot Jackets for your reading pleasure. I don't know the author but I have been to the Museum of the Confederacy several times and discussed uniforms with the curators and viewed many in the vault so I believe the article is right on in its research and information.


Hey I see a pattern(joke not intended here) developing with the uniform and patterns designs colors placement of buttons use of flannel style of uniform when worn where worn It would seem the CW reenactment uniform is a pain in the a--! to create for use mock battle or display encampment or to do your living history thing with demos use in movie blah blah blah..Well many questions are starting to rise up outta the ranks bout when wuz this headgear worn was this type of pants ever worn was that pattern of flannel in use during the CW what year was this type of frock coat with this type of stichin issued was these gloves ever issued what about them boots and so on and so on sheesh ya think we wuz a bunch of fashion mavens Ah sez we start collecting info on the uniform issue and post it here after all this IS re-enactor forum and its time to crack the books and journals on uniform details fergit the ORS cause thats all high brow reports dispatches and yer not gonna find the intimate down to earthern works day to day soldier's life stuff in those books we need to read outta the soldiers diaries and journals and look up stuff on the uniforms and equipment use of disposal of modifications private purchase and so forth we need to look up Quartermaster reports Quartermaster uniform requests Uniform boards recommendations quality control issues and test results on different experiments in regards to uniforms The Uniform issue at beginning of CW was in sorry state too much gray up North Too much blue in the south too many uniform patterns designs standardization was forced onto contractor by Quartermaster Dept We need to read up on the Quartermaster Corps and their dealings with the contractorsThat is a subject that gets little coverage in here Lets all look up Quartermaster Corps actions and also lets look up some sutlers who are willing to pass on info on CW uniforms also there should be some hard line camp members who can step into the fashion mode QUARTERMASTER IS NOT EASY but we can do it .........

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Richmond Depot Jackets
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