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Posted By: on: 01/10/2001 12:56:19 EST
Subject: RE: First Person at events

Message Detail:
I was confused on your second to last sentence. Did you mean educate the soldiers or the tators? I do a Christian Commission nurse impression. So I will tell you what the CC nurses did in addition to nursing. They might literally educate the soldiers and teach them to read and write. This could be a very good scenario to show the public that while many people could read in the 1860's, the percentage was smaller than today. The nurses also passed out religious and secular literature. The CC felt that the men needed wholesome books and magazines to read. This might keep them away from porno publications. Also, it might occupy their time and keep them away from bars and "ladies of the horizontal occupation" (a real CW slang). You could provide stationary for the soldiers and actually write letters and read letters for the uneducated privates. Other activities in your tent could be wrapping bandages, making housewives, or doing clerical work that an officer does not have time for. This might include writing letters to a deceased soldier's family, keeping lists of the dead and wounded, and wiring money home to the families. These are some of the activities of the CC nurses.

Yes, trying to more first person is what our unit is striving for. We actually do real first aid and pass ice water to the military. So, its hard to explain to the spectators that we don't cut arms and legs off. We try to portray field nurses. Sometimes the men visit our tent on their free time then we end up entertaining rather than educating. Any thoughts?

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