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Posted By: on: 01/09/2001 08:13:25 EST
Subject: RE: Would like to see this forum get active (You can lead a horse to water.........)

Message Detail:
This is the time of the year that us reenactors go through withdrawal esp. if you are from the frozen North. I would like to see this forum get more lively.
I'm game!

ABSOLUTLY 8th Mich Med its like the dang forum has turned inta a dry well I keep coming to the forums but I find no water by the bank Its winter time "the cabin fever" is at High Pitch WHERE is the rest o the camp?? The purpose of these forums is to provide info data news all we is gittin in here is stale dust the echo is deafning I am in agreement with you 8th Mich Med we NEED to see more posts in here I got my forum given to me by Henry and Elly and I am gonna start really stickin to Navy stuff there and the heck with these deadbeats at these other forums Henry is gonna git peed off soon if folks don't start making greater use of these forums they are like a newsletter a news bulletin board or like a cyber journal and they are free!!!! Have you all seen how much CW pubs cost anymore sheesh!!.....These forums are excellent platform for views news and research but they ain't worth anything if they remain stagnant..I want all who read this to know that you are welcome over to the Ironclad Forum and want a strong participation on any issue concerning the CW Navy Heck I don't want to lose my forum(from Henry) People don't realize but these forums this web page ..the chat room the whole she-bang is costing Henry and Elly boo-coo bucks per-month I think mebbe Henry ought to start up a membership plan where ya gotta pay a annual fee to participate on this here CW site I am getting exsasperated with all these rail fence sitters me-self... cause I take alot of time out of my day to come here and I ain't got time to spare anymore these days C'mon you guys and gals lets get them telegraph keys a hummin...

Hang tough 8th Mich Med the Clad and ship's company will provide PROVOST guard mount to round up them stragglers and dirty deserters and git the camp fires burning higher pitch more sibleys and the coffee ready to roast ....Remember.... In regards to these forums.. if ya don't use it lose it!!

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