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Posted By: on: 12/31/2000 09:54:50 EST
Subject: RE: Perryville: Attn: Ironclad

Message Detail:
I saw your posting on Perryville. Is it a good event that authentics would like? My ancestor fought there and I want to get there someday, also I hear battlefield medicine is big there.

The reenactment event(at Perryville) is actually a number of events combined at the site...I) living history with live music(of the era) played by a CW band Live speeches given in the lingo used in the 19th century..Live models wearing costume of the time walking about for benifit of vistors Museum open throughout event

2)Full bore Encampment on- going with fires coffee brewed... hardtack? papers bing read tents with soldier's equipment displayed Drills and Ceremony Food being prepared etc;

3) Full bore reenactment of battle bayonet cannon sabre cussin fussin hurry up and wait huffin and puffin

4)competitions sabre rides horse mount best lookin uniforms women's dress etc!

So heck yeah the authentics would be MORE than welcome to come to this event Mich med! This is a state owned state run park it has nothing to do with the NPS or Federal Government so the event is very open to all who are willing to drive the distance to attend its best to call ahead for tickets events and changes if you read my old posting again there are a number of telephone numbers and web site to bookmark for future use the authentics presence would more than be of great help to make this Renactment an all the more exciting affair Many Civil War buffs are starting to realize that Perryville Stones River Franklin Nashville Sacramento(IN THE WEST) are turning out to be just as big a deal if not rival the older more publicised CW reenactments in the East The events listed above are really starting to come into their own and bear being checked out keep checking out events in the West as many more specialized(Signals Medical Engineers Quartermaster) CW impressions are frequenting the battlefields Especially down round SHILOH many more Field Hospital reenactment groups are starting to appear around the camp sites,,even with Ambulances!It seems that back East your Reenactments are more conservative keeping things reduced to just infantry Cavalry and Artillery impressions..... Heck we(Out West) are going to start to see Balloon impressions... stay tuned fer that one!

Your Obedient and Faithful Servant From me blood soaked guns station...Ironclad HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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