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Posted By: on: 11/11/2000 07:44:57 EST
Subject: RE: Christmas wishes

Message Detail:
What CW-related items would be on your Christimas list?

My wish is for the portable library of the Christian Commission. It had eight book shelves. Each half of the box held 4 shelves. The two halfs were connected by a hinge. When open, the library had eight shelves, four on each side. Two sizes were used, one held about 70 books and one held about 110 books. When folded for transist, the box could be locked. It even had a place to put the list of books. The dimentions and plans are described in the "Final Report of the U.S. Christian Commission." I am sure that the box would have to be custom-made. I am also collecting books, but you can buy them one at a time.

So what are other people's Christmas desires?

P.S. I have never read whether a portable library survived. They were donated to the army at war's end. Has anyone ever seen one in a museum?


Miss Moore

Miss Moore That book shelf sounds AWESOME! Imagine building one for reenactments and one for your home ! My Christmas wish list is long long long! I have created a number of CW projects that still await production I owe Henry and Elly and Dan some long overdue cartoons I hope they won't tie me on to a cannon wheel and put my hindquarters to the lash!
How about CW Christmas cards to pass about your pards or CW Christmas sign boards I can whip that out for ya then the simple but effective cartoon print for mounting on the family den wall lemme know what you want to see Miss Moore........... look at this... your getting something from one of the CW Chat room's own

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