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Posted By: on: 11/02/2000 09:31:55 EST
Subject: Reenactor's Favorites Union / Confederate

Message Detail:
Although the reason people reenact vary, most of us have a favorite general or soldier, Union and/or Confederate that in some ways inspires or motivates us to take part in this crazy hobby. I was just wondering who are some of those generals and soldiers that my fellow reenactors admire and look up to as our role models?

Without a doubt Bedford Forrest is number one as admired figure with many reenactors He was bold brash had little use for wussy hearted conventional minded generals he understood fast mobile hard hitting warfare he in a sense was a forerunner of the Blitzkrieg tactics of the WW II Wermacht Armour Divisions of Nazi Germany
Highly independent and willing to strike deep behind the enemy's lines and inflict heavy damage was his forte' always on the move with the knowlege of where he was going was his secret..hence Wizard in a saddle

Robert E.Lee is neck and neck with Forrest as being admired and looked up to the ultimate strategist making the most with so little

Stonewall is without a doubt seen as a icon with CW strategists hard driven ruthless had a vision of battle that was almost mystical

Grant Thomas and Meade are starting to regain prominence with students of the Cause Especially Thomas (Rock of Chickamauga)

Cleburne and Buford are getting more attention for conducting the war in their unique ways both very independant..hated convention

Sherman seems to raise the ire of so many but Uncle Billy was a man who got the job done no frills no thrills all business! he is seen as first "modern warfare" general

Grant is regaining ground with researchers as he was a in a sense a general with a logistician's eye he had a head for combat service and support from the ground soldier's perspective he understood how logistics affected,overall Civil War strategy on a grand scale!!

Farragut Porter and Rodgers are admired as bold leaders of their commands within the Union Navy took first person charge of their squadrons turned them into highly effective floating battle forces

These are just a small but well known and admired group of leaders /commanders that reenactors like to exstrapolate on..

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