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Posted By: on: 10/06/2000 08:34:58 EDT
Subject: Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!

Message Detail:
Well if memory serves me well the Captain o' the ship conducted Bible service on Sunday fer the crew at the forecastle or on the stern of the vessel ...after kicking and lahing this chat room group(landlubbers) about to git their ship board duties acomplished scrubbin the decks LAUNDRY(ever smell wet wool?) Holy Stoning the deck wipin down the guns and what not.... the Sunday services was conducted for the crew with solomn song and some hades being raised in a Navy style sermon by the Captain... the Chaplins were volunteers just like the rest for Army duty many a minister found his way into camps to try and avert the men from the evils of drink gambling and indulging in ..for shame!.... carnal ways!

S.R. yer work is cut-out fer ya fer this Civil War Chat Group is a virtual cabal of wanderin wayward up to no good doers never' do-wells and advocates of the Devils ways..sinful thoughts and nefarious actions abound through out this besotted camp of iniquity ..I have as a solid Union stalwert Naval officer attempted to belay the wonten acts of bemusements slacking off and slough!...with me Cat-o-Nines Tail lash and with the threat of the dreaded brig! But to no avail the "warm jug" and chaw along with befuddlement from kick-a-poo juice hath reeked havoc amongst the rank and file within this Civil War Chat Room Group....Our musters are the embodiment of hordes of Huns decending upon unsuspecting Civil War parks/Battlefields and the scourge of National Park Rangers..we are like lost sheep being lead astray with our idle minds filled with mischief and unabashed unhindered merriment...... arrrrrrr tis time to bring in the man of the cloth and bring this ragged encampment back into the fold....From the ship's pulpit Your Obedient and Most Faithful Servant....... Ironclad

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