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Posted By: on: 09/27/2000 13:48:03 EDT
Subject: RE: Pocket watches and Spectacles

Message Detail:
During an event(s) I have noticed that some of those reb/yank infantry soldiers seems to have aquired some 21st Century technology and sport wrist watches with the spun butternut and dyed wool I recall the pocket watch with fob was the standard time piece of its day 100 % of all of your 19th Century males owned one ......

Spectacles is very difficult item to bring out for impression especially infantry 99% of most pictures I've seen you do not see any soldier Cavalry Infantry Artillery wearin spectacles they were probuly very fragile and did not last long in the brutal field conditions second most men of the day did not think highly of other men wearing spectacles you were thought of as bookworm clerk type store keeper or worse wussy! thus the spectacle issue is at best settled afore any entanglement atween Infantry forces leave em in the truck or at home most of the time your civilian impressions would have such fangled thangs as spectacles...

Howdy Folks!

I agree about the wrist watches ~ saw one this weekend, as a matter of fact, on the arm of one of the ANV's finest... But, it was the kid's first event, and you couldn't see the thing unless he really pulled his sleeve up to look, so I didn't say anything. Hopefully his older and better-informed pards will straighten him out, ere long.

Eyeglasses: I would tend to agree that spectacles are probably over-represented on the field, nowadays. One point I consider, is that spectacles were simply NOT as common, back then. Today every kid old enough to identify Mama from Papa is given thorough eye exams, and a greater portion of our modern population probably wear corrective vision aids than ever before. Back then, I'd reckon the majority of folks, since the larger percentage of American population were rural or small-town, simply did not have ready access to spectacles. The General Store might get some in and toss them in a display case, but as Ironclad points out, unless they were a neccesary item, such as for clerks, teachers, and others who had to do close or detailed work, likely the majority of people simply did without. LOL, who knows, might be a reason for some of those sour pusses in the old photos! ;-)

However, having acknowledged all that, I regret that I must confess to being one of those bespectacled nerds out there... I honestly TRIED contacts, but they irritate my eyes terribly, and the discomfort was simply too great. And, should I leave my specs in the truck, I am blind as a bat, unable to identify tree from target at anything over 20 yards... I'm purchasing some replica period-correct frames, which I do hope more be-spectacled reenactors will do. Hope that will do. But I WILL agree with Ironclad, that those who CAN do without should try leaving them off, at least during the battle/action scenarios. LOL, would kinda hate for Lee or Lincoln to think their Army is suddenly all half-blind! ;-)

Just my .02 on the matter... And now I will shut up!

Best regards to all,


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