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Posted By: on: 09/26/2000 15:42:21 EDT
Subject: RE: Pocket watches and Spectacles

Message Detail:
I agree with what you are saying, however there are some of us re-enactors who have quite bad eyes without glasses or contacts-myself included. I use contacts, but I see no problem with spectacles as long as they are period. Just a little thought from a re-enactor with terrible vision.

During an event(s) I have noticed that some of those reb/yank infantry soldiers seems to have aquired some 21st Century technology and sport wrist watches with the spun butternut and dyed wool I recall the pocket watch with fob was the standard time piece of its day 100 % of all of your 19th Century males owned one ..right up there with a pistol and shotgun what is needed is a sutler to come out with a line of pocket watches we have so much of the personal effects items on the sutlers market but alas the pocket watch gets left out so much and can only be found in antique shops estate sales these garnish big dollars great gramp's watch is also an idea however you wanna think twice bout takin a 3 to 500.00 dollar family heirloom out on to a muddy reenactment event field......... let the sutlers know about reproducing pocket watches(for sell or trade) for completing an authentic look for your Civil War impression. Officers especially along with NCO impression

Spectacles is very difficult item to bring out for impression especially infantry 99% of most pictures I've seen you do not see any soldier Cavalry Infantry Artillery wearin spectacles they were probuly very fragile and did not last long in the brutal field conditions second most men of the day did not think highly of other men wearing spectacles you were thought of as bookworm clerk type store keeper or worse wussy! thus the spectacle issue is at best settled afore any entanglement atween Infantry forces leave em in the truck or at home most of the time your civilian impressions would have such fangled thangs as spectacles upon their palid face a parson or sutler would more than likley have spectacles on but most Infantry Cavalry and Artillery would not be caught dead ( for real ) wearin these spindly looking wire things upon their manley faces check out the photos of the different settings of soldiers you are hard-pressed to find spectacles much anywhere 99% of your officers photos do not display spectacles.... at best spectacles were extremley rare for use in the field unless you were in a Hq working with administration files and cutting orders...

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