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Posted By: on: 08/07/2000 16:17:18 EDT
Subject: Hot wet smelly wool uniforms...... cold mushy hardtack

Message Detail:
The talents of Henry and Elly never cease to amaze the old salted sage(Ironclad) Tis a wonderful idea to include our brothers and sisters-in-arms who take their love for the Civil War a step further from the classroom or library or bookstore and take it out onto a cold wet muddy field at a poorly organized event and relive the Civil War's most powerful moments in scratchy wet smelly wool uniform or silk and cotton hoop skirt. The reenactors who actually tramp about on the sacred soil of our CW battlefields 'year round can give us a" I wuz there" perspective on the ongoing Civil War reenacting events, actions of individuals and that of tales of lore of entire units both Union and Confederate......

The Ironclad looks forward to those who can provide us here in camp with the latest on uniforms availability authenticity quality and of course cost ...

Reenactment is not an easy thing to get into... time and money and distance are the main enemy of any "old timey" or start-up reenactor.......

Many of the Camp-side chatters in here at Henry's and Elly's field site are full blown reenactors and can tell you all out there reading this dispatch that poorly planned for reenactments can bring grief to one's pocketbook if one does not keep an eye on them yankee gold pieces or Confederate Dollars....You all should see me bill for one months supply order for coal /wood fer me flotilla! whew!

Enuff of this old steamboiler room scuttlebutt lets hear it fer our Civil War reenactment brothers and sisters Confederate and Union to bring the war back to life and honor the sacrifice and efforts of all soldiers of all genders of both sides of all ages..... for the ages!!!! HUZZAH!

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