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Posted By: on: 01/02/2001 14:26:35 EST
Subject: RE: Ironclad Flotilla club site

Message Detail:
All hands all hands on deck! Tis yer commander with the latest now available fer you "SALTS" at heart or you infantry types ready to geta pair o' web feet and toss them dusty brogans yer local Union Navy Flotilla commander type Ironclad has created fer ye rolling deck pleasure "The Ironclad Flotilla"at

Ye has to sign up / register at in order to get put aboard cause I 'm using Yahoo's docking facilities but heck tis free and no dabloons will have to pass atween us the "The Ironclad Flotilla" is at Yahoo Clubs so after ye has done the keel-haul thing with registerin with Yahoo ye has a wee bit o the ole Navy to float abouts with or learn about hee hee hee....Be parts o' the grand Western Flotilla !Plenty of chat room bulk head space fer ye to bunk with yer hammocks.. Also plenty of the mates and pards who will be climbing that there gang plank will be a coming in from outta Henry's and Elly's smoke filled camp site... so all aboard me sea-guppys The good ship USS INTERNET she 's out of dry dock and ready to steam to Vicksburg with her Dahlgrens oiled and a full bunkers o' number II coal ...When ya has now no whars else to staggers about the local taverns ..theres all ways the captain's ward room with the barrells o' grog ale and deck chairs open fer tales of sea-lore and riverine tall-tails..... see ya at dockside...... haaaar Yer Obedient and Faithful Servant Ironclad!

Hey matey I tryed to get on board your club site and it says it doesn,t exist? what am I doing wrong? thanks Baron vonTecumseh

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