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Posted By: on: 10/16/2000 18:15:01 EDT
Subject: RE: USS COLE

Message Detail:
Oh Father of the high Heavens of the land and of the sea hear our cry turn thy mighty head towards our wail as we go to sea with only our faith and sail

Father protect us from the dark waters of fear guide us as we turn our ragged bow into this hell sent gail

Father be with us below as well as above on the decks of our humble ship as we ply the waters of thine seven seas we most of all seekth to be safe in thy hands as we pass through every wave be with us in the wind and clearsky with us as we stand watch or slumber in the ship's hold

We fear thee but hold love for thy word as it guides us through our daily tasks we ask of thee to forget us not should our very souls be cast out upon the cold and empty sea

We give thanks o Father that thou wouldst see us through tempest and torment granting us safe passage to our landfall back to the arms and hearts of our families

Through thy only son our Lord and Master Jesus To God Almighty Amen


My friend,you never cease to amaze me.
The cowardly attack on the USS Cole,is inexcusable.If they have differences with us,why not have the courage to talk to us?For fear that their own demands are so unreasonable as to be refused by honorable and rational individuals? We can only mourn the dead and treat and console the living. And remain ever alert.To my knowlege,freedom is NEVER free,and now we've paid the dearest price of all for it.

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