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Posted By: on: 09/26/2000 08:59:25 EDT
Subject: RE: Break out the Holystones

Message Detail:

Am looking forward to your discussion on October 4th at 8:00 PM Eastern.


Just a-acknowledging this here gaggle of groundpounders nag riders(Cavalry)spies camp followers sutlers speculators stragglers bummers and general all 'round scurvy louts that are ta assemble fer a discussion on the BLOCKADE...Oct 4 2000 Eight Bells ..Bring yer RESEARCH notes and 3x5 cards on the following Naval poop......

I. (Deep Water) Frigates Rams Ironclads Gunboats Coastal Forts

2. BLOCKADE Runners... Where they docked where they run to and from what they carried. Who were the blockade runners? Who were the captains of them vessels. What kind of vessels were used(I know its a lot of reading!) someone let GUNRUNNER know about this

3. Confederate efforts Navy-wise to break the BLOCKADE.. military wise..(Its deep stuff)
Read up on the Hunley everybody!
Read up on the Rebel Rams built and used in Charleston Harbour
Read up on the Confederate efforts to build a Navy overseas.
Read up on Fortifications, Coastal Guns (very Intense)
4. Read up on the political effects of the Trent Affair read up on the BLOCKADE's effects on international relationships.

5. Good luck to all...... All you in the Gettysburg camp are more than welcome to come and throw a little lard into the stew pot!! All you Cavalry types leave yer nags tied to the tree....... no horse poop allowed on me deck!!!
Camp,KyReb and 57Oh are required ta bring the "JUGS" Miss Moore will provide Bibles and punch over at the Sanitary Commisson Tent.. Newyawk will provide log detail for wood on the fire...Henry and Elly will provide all newspapers and tabbacky products.

Your Obedient And Faithful Servant Ironclad

Request permission to bring aboard a jug of uncle Ed's best cider. A jolly time will be guarenteed after a few sips. Gunrunner

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