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Posted By: on: 07/24/2000 15:55:34 EDT
Subject: Books

Message Detail:
Ahoy to ye all from the quarterdeck! Tis yer friendley, local neighborhood, Union gunboat flotilla commander..Ironclad! Tis a grand thing that Henry has provided this here" telegraph wagon " forum board!
Huzzah fer the Signal Corps! ..Many thanks to Henry ,Elly and the whole Butternut Bunch at "Camp us-civilwar!"

I intends to post mostly book titles and their authors..because many, many of the discussions that we all have had..... leaves out their "source" Many times I have asked 'bout "where did you read that?.. or, what book did that come outta of?" So when you come here I will have book tiles galore here fer yer own library collections....Paper backs are cheaper Hard back covers are expensive! so count yer Confederate Dollars.

Please! Lets keeps the postings clean and kind...We has enuff strife and stress in the real world, to not has to come in here and read somethin all angry and boiling over in the steam pipes..If ye has a beef bout somethin go down to the basement scream at the top 'o your lungs ..THEN write how ya feel.But, don't take it out on someone. Remember, the Union won, the South lost!

If anyone who wanders onto the dock here, please feel free to post what ever Civil War book title you think is worth checkin out for all of to us read..Ithink it would be neat to be able to come here to this forum and come across a posted book title that interests ya..Oh! also post a small statement 'bout what subject the Civil War book covers.... also post price isbn number publisher year of publication of your Civil War Book(s)

.Like I said I am gonna post book titles that cover the Union / Confederate Navy that many of ye has asked me bout...It seems that the Yankee/Reb Navy got short-changed by the historians on their contributions to the war effort.So a lot of interest has been regenerated on the commanders, ships, sailors and marines of the Union /Confederate Navies.

I just can't write fast enuff aquired info bout the Reb/Union Tars in the yack /chat room fer some of your fast hit and run Cavalry types ..rememeber! I am aboard a gunboat that does 9 knots tops, in a slow moving river current..So I'd rather post me captain's ward room library on this telegraph wagon's forum board That way y'all kin scribbles down me postins and go on a forage fer books at the local sutler's stand (Bookstore at the mall)...

See ya all at dockside ..pulls up a camp chair lites up a clay pipe keep the "Jug" close at hand and lets breaks out a good book and have a good yarn or two haaaar

Your Obedient and Faithful Servant..the old Swamp rat hisself..Ironclad

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  • RE: Books - Dan Giallombardo 07/26/2000 10:46:52 EDT (1)

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