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Posted By: on: 08/17/2000 20:39:23 EDT
Subject: RE: Tapped out on Taps

Message Detail:
I want to thank everyone for throwing in their views on the issue of taps HOWEVER...the original issue was on the HUNLEY its mission and its its recovery!! Remember! all of you that this is a priceless relic of (our) Civil War, that has sat on the bottom of Charleston bay for over 136 years! Guys, WHAT DOES IT MATTER whether or not it is appropriate to play TAPS for the Confederate dead... What is with the splitting of hairs on so nit-picky an issue?? All of you are missing the big picture! It took over a hundred years to FIND this remarkable piece of Military inovation. It took millions of dollars, hundreds of manpower hours and sacrifice to find it, process it, and get it raised back to the surface.. WOW! look at that, will you??The point being made by the reenactor in a Confederate Sailor's uniform playing Taps as the Hunley was being towed by his locale, on a barge is, he is rendering" military honors" to the Confederate dead.
Part of the agreement made between the state of S.C. and all agencies involved in the recovery of the Hunley, is that all efforts would be taken to render all honors and respect for the remains of the Hunleys'crew. Remember, the site where the Hunley sunk was accepted by maritine law as the final resting place of the Hunley and her crew..I thank all for debating the issue of whether or not Taps as we know it today, should be played? YES!! You always play that for all fallen military.The Hunley is still recognized by the U.S.Navy as a vessel which is part of the Confederate Navy and is claimed as Navy property,thus making her a legitimate military combat craft!! These men died in a combat situation these men were part of a military service(Navy) YES! They are deserving and it is most definately appropriate to render such a military honor to these fallen men. They are after all ,once again Americans brought back up into the 21st Century by a.. UNITED States of America ..From the Captain's ward room
Ironclad flying the ensign at half mast............
God bless all fallen AMERICANS who gave their all defending their country..

Sheesh....I knew I was being a nit picker on Taps thing and it sure got out of hand didn't it? Sorry bout that.
Any HOO Ironclad's right, lets not lose sight of the achievement in finding and recovering the Hunley.
Bill N-T

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