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Posted By: on: 08/14/2000 23:17:16 EDT
Subject: RE: Hunley

Message Detail:
Is there any pics of the raising of the Hunley on the internet? I missed all the news on t.v

Yes VICKIE Color pics galore!!!

Go to

awesome pics with constant updates!!

thanks Ironclad.that web site has great photos.Wish I could see it in person!Simply amazing after all those years under water!

Great pictures of the Hunley.
I have one question though regarding a technicality (as usual). One of the photos shows a bugler in period seaman's uniform playing "Taps".
Was "Taps" used by the Confederacy? Didn't Taps originate with the North during the Civil War? In other words, is it technicaly correct to play Taps as a show of respect for Southern Civil War Dead?

Just a thought.
Bill N-T

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that Dan Butterfield (Union) "invented" TAPS. Although I don't think it was called TAPS then. I think the beginning of what we know as TAPS was a signal to notify the unit Butterfield commanded that the next orders blown, were for that unit. If I'm mistaken someone please let me know.

The way I understand it, Ol' Dan Butterfield came up with a bugle call to preceed calls for his unit (V Corps I think at the time) so that his men would know the next call was for them. That call was a few simple notes. "Taps" on the other hand may or may not have been written by Butterfield, but it's a distinctly different call from the "ID call" mentioned above. There are of course, like all else connected with the Civil War, various legends connected with the authorship of Taps, but I believe it's Butterfield who's usually credited with writing it.
But, back to my original question, is it technically correct to play Taps to honor Confederate Civil War dead, since "Taps" is a Union bugle call?
Bill N-T

I dont think they ment any disrespect by playing taps even though it may be a union bugle call.Today taps is played in respect to all dead so I think it was ok.

I found a rather long and interesting article about Butterfield and "Taps" and thought it would be worth posting the link here for all of you to read.....


Good Question Vickie....What should be played? Hmmmmmm,
Taps is of Union origin, but one of it's uses (today) is to honor the dead. Historically, Taps probably would not have been played for the Hunley crewmen, had their bidies been recovered during the War. BUT, as the saying goes, That was then, this is now. Today the Confederate States have been a part of the Union again for over 100 years, so I guess maybe Taps is appropriate since it's the custom of the United States, and the Hunley Crewmen were, after all, Americans. I realize that they were fighting against the Union at the time of their death, but had they survived the war they undoubtedly would have again become citizens of the US. I guess it's fair to say that Taps was used to honor the men for their courage, but not necessarily every aspect of what they were fighting for some of their cause perhaps, but not necessarily all of their cause. (Good Grief, I hope I don't start some political discussion here, Oh well....)

Bill N-T

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