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Posted By: on: 07/26/2000 23:31:04 EDT
Subject: RE: Could Pickett's charge have been won?

Message Detail:
If the Confederate artillary had not overshot their targets, and were able to knock out alot of the Union guns, could the South have won Pickett's charge? Also, I have another idea, about how the charge could have been won: Instead of advancing all of the way, the South could have simply advanced part of the way and dug in. Then the South could push the guns up closer, in order to keep the Union guns busy. Your men could volley any boys in blue that try to charge you. Then when the enemy gets tired, assult, destroy them. As a second choice, flank around the enemy, dig in at Gettysburg. Then, follow the same steps.

I do not think they could of dug in out there. Union guns would of shot them up. Hunt had lots of guns and lots more ammo. If they would of dug in out there it might of been like the Hornets nest. Union guns this time 14 feet apart blasting away. Lee could not of dug in anywhere. He would of run out of food,ammo and fodder. Plus N.Y. Pa. and N.J. state militia are comming. Maybe not to fight but to shoot up wagons burn bridges and chop down trees in Lees rear. Also if Lincoln smells blood maybe more troops from D.C. come out and Franklin comes to A.O.P. No Lee has to win, retreat or get cruched:Old Juan

You are right. I tried to do just that, I ended up getting routed anyway.

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