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Posted By: on: 07/22/2000 11:21:23 EDT
Subject: RE: The dead at Gettysburg

Message Detail:
Anyone believe there are still, today, remains of soldiers left after the battle? After finding those remains in 1996 by the RR Cut, I assume anything is possible. Just a thought.
Thanks, Barb

Well, there are about 1500 still unaccounted for Confederate casualties. I think I read somewhere (maybe Greg Coco said it) that there are likely still at least 1000 Confederate unmarked graves. Maybe some Union as well. Consider the ones who fell in woodlots or out-of-the-way places and never found. Many bodies were attacked by roving hogs and other wildlife, so that would leave remains. Any undiscovered trench and individual graves could be revealed by those airplane fly-overs being conducted over the battlefield area that we discussed last year, so the results of that could be rather revealing.

Maybe some of those Ghosts on the Gettysburg Battlefield that we hear about from time to time could show us where some of those undiscovered graves are located.
Seriously though, besides the dead who's graves were never discovered, there are those who were unfortunate enough to be too close to a canister blast, or just happened to be on the spot where a case shot exploded - probably very little left to bury in those cases.
Bill N-T

Thanks, J.D. and Bill, for your answers. I now recall the discussion from last year about the airplane flying over the battlfield. It would be heart warming to be able to find and have them identified so they'd have a proper burial. That would be a difficult task, indeed, if not impossible.
Thank you for your insights. Barb

Hi folks,

I was just thinking as read this.. I wonder if the woods where Picketts men where resting were ever really combed for remains? If you look at the pictures I took looking back towards the woods, well, I think I am going to pay those woods a visit the next time I am at GB..

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