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Posted By: on: 01/15/2001 09:56:49 EST
Subject: RE: Sharpshooter Book

Message Detail:
You might start with William Frassanito's book 'Gettysburg, A Journey In Time', see pages 187 thru 195. Mr Frassanito deals with the sharpshooter photos as well as many other questions about Devils Den. This book is the best, bar none. It will open up the history of this field of battle as no other. When you've digested this one, go on to his follow up book 'Early Photography At Gettysburg', but read 'A Journey In Time' first.

There's "DEVIL'S DEN - A HISTORY & GUIDE" Gary Aldeman & Timothy Smith available from Morningside Books for $19.95, but I don't think they dwell much on the Sharpshooter. There's also "Devil's Den" by Boyd which is a history of the 44th Alabama, also $19.95 from Morningside. As to a history of just the sharpshooter, I doubt if one exists....most historians consider the whole question of where he was found and where he was moved to to be essentially fluff - not important to the overall study of the battle and therefore not worthy of devoting serious research time to. I somewhat agree with that point of view, although as you know, it sure is fun arguing over(discussing) where he was first found with JD, Dr. Dave and others.
Bill N-T

I had a pamphlet, that I picked up at Gettysburg, that has a photograph of a man from the 1st Texas that looks remarkably like the photograph of the dead soldier...and there is a name to the photograph in the book. Has anyone else heard of this? I don't know if I have that pamphlet, anymore, but I shall look for it tonight.

That might be the Pvt. Langley that came up some time ago as a possible match for the SS, but I think it was pretty well disproven since he wouldn't have fought in the area and/or some other rather convincing reason. I think someone did a close facial analysis and found that the bone structure didn't match.

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