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Posted By: on: 07/21/2000 15:24:02 EDT
Subject: RE: Battle of Gettysburg Resource Center

Message Detail:
As most of you know, we maintain two copies the Battle of Gettysburg Resource Center on two different (free) servers and Some of you may have noticed as I have that the Xoom server is unacceptably slow, and in the past there were some access problems (that's why we set up the duplicate site on geocities). In addition, updating and maintaining the site on two servers means double the work (for me). I'm thinking of closing down the xoom version of the site and concentrating on just the Geocities site - they're somewhat more user friendly as far as site maintenance.

Does anyone have any problem or have any other thoughts on this?

Sorry about that subject on the post above, Auto-fill strikes again!

As a person who is also maintaining two identical sites, I understand your situation. I think that people quickly find out which site is the faster and then go to it first. I know that I go to your Geocities site first and then to Xoom if necessary (which it seldom is). So the question comes down to: Are the benefits derived from a second site worth the time and effort needed to maintain it?

In your case, I feel that it is clear that the answer is "no" because of the evident advantages of Geocities.

In my case, I'm dealing with two servers that each have periods of downtime and delay (early afternoon is murder on So I have a real need for both sites.

Therefor, I agree with you limiting your site to Geocities. It will give you more time to maintain it and also more time to generate those profound comments you place on this forum.

Bob K.

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